How on earth is this possible?!

This is what one of my alliance members posted today. Encountered this in Nublar Jungle. If matchmaking is all about balance and droppers don’t exist according to some here… by all means… explain. It should NOT be possible… EVER!!
Oh and on top of this UTTER PROGRAMMING DISASTER losing this battle took 30 (!!) trophies!


Yeah, I don’t understand what’s going on with matchmaking. I’m starting to think that Ludia used that excuse so that the higher up players could find opponents more easily, because nothing else makes sense at this point.


From what I’ve gathered, Ludia wanted to make it so that people always got another person to battle, whether or not the match-up made any sense at all. This effectively removed what I call “pity battles” (battles where you would fight a much weaker enemy but only gain 10 trophies for winning), which I’ve been told were actually battles against AI enemies (not real people).

The biggest problem with this is the disproportionate number of end-game players compared to beginning and mid-game players. Due to the nature of the game, there reaches a point where the majority of daily players are fighting in the end-game, meaning, anyone that isn’t end-game has fewer and fewer ‘fair’ opponents to face resulting in what we have now. This makes it more and more difficult for non-end-game players to progress, causing players to leave the game / just not battle anymore, which further exacerbates the issue.

Honestly at this point I see little hope of them ever balancing matchmaking because of the aforementioned issues and imbalance in player levels.


Maybe you’re right. It wouldn’t even be such a JOKE if, against ALL their promises (see release & patchnotes starting 1.6), these disastrous matchups wouldn’t cost 30 trophies . It’s an utter embarrassment for every self respecting game to be so focussed on making money and keeping your whales in that you make newcomers pay. This player isn’t even allowed to use his boosts yet. Still all he encounters is boosted teams and if the creature level is anywhere near his (only boosted) he looses 34 trophies per battle. Gaining only 29 max. So he’s out. And I completely understand.


Further proof Ludia is completely clueless and inept.


Nothing surprises me any longer.
My son just popped in to show me an opponent he just had, all unique apart from the inevitable rat, all boosted and he hasn’t got one unique yet!


Yup, see more and more of those on the chat as well… game’s down the drain

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What I don’t understand is this.
Before the 1.8 update and boosts, this kind of nonsensical matchmaking didn’t happen.
Since the update and what they called an improved arena, this happens all the time.
So why can’t they simply revert back to pre update matchmaking, and make it trophy based. I know we may face a few droppers and that sucks, but as I recall that was rare. It would be batter than what we have now.


You’ve just described 50% of my opponents over the last two weeks. I’m in Sorna (3428) with a high of 3724 from about two weeks ago. My last 15 opponents were all above my current score at the time with the highest of them showing scores of 4039, 3950, and 3935.

I am forced to wonder if Ludia screwed up and is matching me using my maximum score against my opponent current score? There’s no way I should be taking on level 24-25 boosted uniques (as many as three on a team) against my team of 17-20 legendaries.

If it was only once in a while, I wouldn’t even care… but I am overmatched on EVERY SINGLE MATCH, and only get a lucky win if they screw up, the game locks them out, or I get lucky with a DC kill on their Indoraptor.


I was thinking the same thing, but looking at the “ultimate” Highscore of my alliance member… even that doesn’t explain it…


Ludia is arrognt enough to believe they came up with an infallible system. The system sucks, but they are too ego driven to tell us anything about it. The displayed high score is a tactic of theirs to hide a players true score so that no one can figure out what they’re messing with. I’mm sure it’s also no ‘glitch’ that when the game disconnects, it comes back up with a “the game has been updated” message. This allows them to hide when they tinker with things trying to cover up their blatant disregard for anything that may be considered fair, and only for driving the players toward purchases. Since it always reconnects with the update message, there is no way to tell if anything really is getting changed or not.


That message made me wonder as well… nothing ever updates without my permission…

The guys in Jurassic ruins which seems appropriate for a L24 average team. Maybe a little low, but that can happen with consistent bad matches.
I don’t think he dropped, that’s just bad match making on Ludias part.


It doesn’t get better.

From my team I had the Thor, Erlik, Magna and Procer.

My opponent had the same (which is a rare enough occurrence).

Thing is all my opponent’s Dino’s were 26-28 and boosted to 6 or greater on speed and damage.

I lost 32 trophies.

This is the norm now. I come up against Level 28-29 Thor’s, Level 26-27 superboosted Bleeders, but my favourite (not really) match was against a 29 Thor, a 27 Indo, a 27 Erlik and a 28 superboosted Rat.

That’s not matchmaking. Seriously.


Apparently the only “cure” for this is to level yours up to level 30 (because that’s done within the blink of an eye as we all know) so they can’t outlevel you… at least that was the “advise” given to me a few days ago. I mean seriously… are people still believing this is normal really that oblivious?


This just tells me that you didn’t even understand what I said. You said that leveling up was pointless. And then in your same comment, you said that you constantly fight teams multiple levels higher than you. So I said the solution to that would be to max out your dinos, and that leveling is not pointless.I never said it was an overnight process. For some people it can be though because they are dedicated enough to get it done. But you would rather cop an attitude and tell me that I know nothing even though I run a team of almost all 30s and have been constantly ranking up almost every night.


And you just can’t stop bringing them up (lvl 30’s) that you’re winning as much as you are doesn’t surprise me much after seeing lvl 26-27 being matched up to lvl 15 unboosted :joy:

This is the worst case I’ve seen lmao. Poor player there, geez.

They should go back to trophy matchmaking only. But the silence is more deadly than any of the problems, that can be fixed.


I agree. MM based soley on trophies would be the most fair.