How on earth is this possible?!

You’ve just described 50% of my opponents over the last two weeks. I’m in Sorna (3428) with a high of 3724 from about two weeks ago. My last 15 opponents were all above my current score at the time with the highest of them showing scores of 4039, 3950, and 3935.

I am forced to wonder if Ludia screwed up and is matching me using my maximum score against my opponent current score? There’s no way I should be taking on level 24-25 boosted uniques (as many as three on a team) against my team of 17-20 legendaries.

If it was only once in a while, I wouldn’t even care… but I am overmatched on EVERY SINGLE MATCH, and only get a lucky win if they screw up, the game locks them out, or I get lucky with a DC kill on their Indoraptor.


I was thinking the same thing, but looking at the “ultimate” Highscore of my alliance member… even that doesn’t explain it…


Ludia is arrognt enough to believe they came up with an infallible system. The system sucks, but they are too ego driven to tell us anything about it. The displayed high score is a tactic of theirs to hide a players true score so that no one can figure out what they’re messing with. I’mm sure it’s also no ‘glitch’ that when the game disconnects, it comes back up with a “the game has been updated” message. This allows them to hide when they tinker with things trying to cover up their blatant disregard for anything that may be considered fair, and only for driving the players toward purchases. Since it always reconnects with the update message, there is no way to tell if anything really is getting changed or not.


That message made me wonder as well… nothing ever updates without my permission…

The guys in Jurassic ruins which seems appropriate for a L24 average team. Maybe a little low, but that can happen with consistent bad matches.
I don’t think he dropped, that’s just bad match making on Ludias part.


It doesn’t get better.

From my team I had the Thor, Erlik, Magna and Procer.

My opponent had the same (which is a rare enough occurrence).

Thing is all my opponent’s Dino’s were 26-28 and boosted to 6 or greater on speed and damage.

I lost 32 trophies.

This is the norm now. I come up against Level 28-29 Thor’s, Level 26-27 superboosted Bleeders, but my favourite (not really) match was against a 29 Thor, a 27 Indo, a 27 Erlik and a 28 superboosted Rat.

That’s not matchmaking. Seriously.


Apparently the only “cure” for this is to level yours up to level 30 (because that’s done within the blink of an eye as we all know) so they can’t outlevel you… at least that was the “advise” given to me a few days ago. I mean seriously… are people still believing this is normal really that oblivious?


This just tells me that you didn’t even understand what I said. You said that leveling up was pointless. And then in your same comment, you said that you constantly fight teams multiple levels higher than you. So I said the solution to that would be to max out your dinos, and that leveling is not pointless.I never said it was an overnight process. For some people it can be though because they are dedicated enough to get it done. But you would rather cop an attitude and tell me that I know nothing even though I run a team of almost all 30s and have been constantly ranking up almost every night.


And you just can’t stop bringing them up (lvl 30’s) that you’re winning as much as you are doesn’t surprise me much after seeing lvl 26-27 being matched up to lvl 15 unboosted :joy:

This is the worst case I’ve seen lmao. Poor player there, geez.

They should go back to trophy matchmaking only. But the silence is more deadly than any of the problems, that can be fixed.


I agree. MM based soley on trophies would be the most fair.


I seem to remember reading that the matchmaking based purely on trophies was not getting matches for the top players.
Well neither is this system according to recent posts from them.
So give us back a fair matchmaking Ludia!


I wonder how many players in this game had the same pairing problem and now they eliminated it to install puchamon? I guess Ludia doesn’t know it too.

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Oh shoot I forgot about that. Hmmm

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Well yeah them not getting matches can be troublesome for them. But it shouldn’t mean we have to pay for it and face them lol. Being fodders.

I wouldn’t get as annoyed if we didn’t lose 30 trophies even if the team is far superior. They can get an occasional match on a fodder but only get 1-5 trophies from fodders. Like the player in the op shouldn’t be losing 30 trophies. To that team, the loading screen says trophies rewarded are based on blah blah. Obviously it isn’t, I lose 30 trophies against monster teams too, so I know. Lol


I only mention my team level so you’ll know that i actually have experience with what I’m talking about. If i had a team of 25s and was trying to give advice on leveling up, you’d have every right to say that i don’t know what I’m talking about. I fight some of the strongest players in the game. They don’t feed me low level scrubs so i can get easy trophies. I’ll be uploading my Nublar Shores video tonight after work and people can see how hard i have to work for wins. I also fight that cheater alliance that has many many t7 speed dinos on each team.

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I definitely believe matchmaking based on trophies should be brought back. They cite arena droppers as the reason for the new matchmaking system, but this system doesn’t actually prevent arena dropping at all, as it’s still incredibly easy to drop using low level dinosaurs and then climb back up with your usual team. What this has succeeded in doing is creating unfair fights like this, I also don’t have a single unique, yet I get pitted against them constantly (Low sorna)

Back when matchmaking was trophy dependent, almost all of my fights were completely fair aside from the occasional arena dropper, and that wasn’t frustrating really as the fight was quickly over and I could resume my fair battles with hardly any damage done to me or my enjoyment at all. As it stands, I often have to get beaten in by strings of high level uniques before I can get a match that’s even remotely fair.

If Ludia is concerned about arena droppers in their tournaments, as it was something akin to that which led to current matchmaking, then they should either go out of their way to make tournaments that can’t be thrown by arena dropping, or they should make it clear that arena dropping during events will result in punishment of some sort. Since funnily enough, ever since they went out of their way to ‘fix’ the arena dropping issue, they haven’t run a single event wherein arena dropping would even be a serious concern.

Alternatively I think it would be interesting to change the matchmaking algorithm so that you never encounter other players using dinosaurs of a higher rarity, I.E: If you don’t have any uniques, you will never be matched to another player who does have uniques. If you have no legendaries, you will never be matched with another player who does have them. No epics? You’ll never get matched against epics, so on and so forth. I admit this could cause issue with high level players simply over-leveling commons in order to game the system by fighting new players, but I like to think at this point that people are attached enough to their rares, epics, legends and uniques that it wouldn’t be a serious issue.


Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Yeah trophy system kept players where they actually should be. And we faced players in that range. If you improved your team you were almost guaranteed to move up a few until you hit a wall. Which would motivate to improve more.

Now you don’t even go up in trophies for making your team better. You face stronger teams(not in your range) and drop down lower. Lol, makes a lot of sense. I’m hoping they come up with something that doesn’t punish progress like this.