How on earth is this possible?!

i completely understand this as I also battled with overpowered individuals. It is such BS that this happens, a level 30 tenonto, and ultra boosted too, then battled his weaker creatures, level 21 tryko (boosted), level 21 utarinex (boosted), level 27 stegod (boosted). this is just a sad occurrence, the matchmaking is poop.


As I said in another thread, don’t rely on opponents current team, as it’s never up to date. Good example are tournaments. You can just battle in arena with main team, but there is still tournament team displayed.

I think this player has 1-3 dinos level 1-10 in team, lowering his average team and getting easy battles. That’s because this system rely on average team score not actual team score. Player with 4 lvl 30 and 4 lvl 10 dinos has average team of lvl 20, like someone with lvl 19-21 dinos. So when this player draws his lvl 30 dinos, he wins easily. Boost have only minor effect on team lvl obviously, otherwise matches facing 5-10 lvl higher dinos wouldn’t be possible.

No his team is what I posted and it’s not a tournament team. There is no such thing as “a tournament team being showed”. Where or who ever gave you that idea? Trophies aren’t updated that’s true but if I alter my team, it alters for everyone to see.


I think you spelled it wrong. Fixed it for ya.


They should just implement Trophy / arena lock at this point.

After you have reached a certain arena, you cannot drop back from there.

Since this game should be encouraging you to progress (collecting more and more DNA), it just makes sense because it separate players generally by their completion of the game. This can totally avoid any kind of droppers.

Then, they just need to rework the seasonal rewards by how many games you’ve won that season.

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Tournament team was an example. It is not neccessary his current team what you see there. He can made few changes to his team before battling in arena. Current team don’t update so fast. He can switched 3 or 4 dinos right before the battle, but that didn’t matter as he draw Tryko.

Matchmaking is designed to make your team feel weak, otherwise if you were winning why would you want to buy boosts? lol

I’m wondering if that varies per device/operating system. Because I just altered my kids team and it showed immediately…

All is said on this pic. At 4800 trophy, score I had in October, I had only Indoraptor as unique in my team. Now have 5 uniques and I’m at lower trophy level haha and was 5400 before 1.8.

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The rat eats uniques for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
The most op Dino ever invented, and it’s just as well nature didn’t see fit to create such an annoying creature.
If it had then the dinosaurs would have never been around long enough for us to even be aware they existed!


Maybe…they purposely ruined matchmaking, so they can promote boosts, which would net them more money :thinking:

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No, I spelled it right: it’s STRATEGY, and it can include using the rat. I don’t like to take sides on that particular topic.

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It’s just broken pure and simple. The game at the minute is broken. Match timeouts, can’t find opponents. Opponent mismatches, random pink battle bug that boots you from the battle.


Using the rat is not strategy. Swapping in and out with a boosted rat that’s easy to get. You can 5k of each of its components daily.

Now beating that dino takes strategy but not strategy we should have to deal with.