How rare exactly is kaprosuchus?


I’ve been looking for 3 days now.
Found it once.

Some site mentioned that it spawns around hospitals.
I drive towards one almost every day due to work.
And i have only found one.

Where do you find yours?


Hmm, it’s really one of the rarer Rares. Found two in the city tonight … guess they just spawn during the night.


Only saw it once in 3 weeks…
And I never saw Postosuchus.


Saw it twice, I have been playing since the worldwide release


I’ve seen them a few times. You’ll find them near parks/places with water. Not sure of the time of day, I think maybe nighttime, but I could be wrong.


Never seen a postosuchus ether


I’ve found the kapro around 20 times… they are pretty rare though (I travel a lot)


they are one of the most common rares in the entire game. anywhere you find ankylosaurs (gen 1 & 2), common monolophasaurs (night time) and ophiacodons (day time) they spawn in that local region. the only rares in their region are erlikosaur gen 2 and themself.


that dinosaur? I’m looking for it as well it is needed for a few fusions but I have no luck finding it :sob: but hospitals you say​:thinking: I guess it’s worth a look


It’s a local spawn. They don’t spawn at all anywhere in my city, which is terribly frustrating, but for some people it’s very common. These local things can be very unfair, I wish they changed sometimes, like, one week you get certain local spawns and the next week you get others. That way everybody would have equal chances at getting certain dinosaurs.


Found one today at a mall, the other day there was one in a nearby residential neighborhood


Only seen this croc twice whlie taking Intercity Bus.
Never found it in my city, but Dilophosaurus & Edmontosaurus are very simple here.

I think these local spawn creatures should been regularly replaced, just like PoGO change their monster nest.


local groupings are usually only a square mile or two. i can reach multiple sets of all 4 local groupings in under 5m from my house. they seem checkerboarded around me at least. just make sure you go each direction from your house.


Maybe for you but that’s not my case. There are only 2 sets in all of my city, I’ve checked everywhere and I’m sure. It’s not a big city but not too small either and it’s very frustrating that I can’t get Pyroraptor or Parasaurolophus :sob:


Ive been trying to find more of them lately as well to make a hybrid out of it.
@Gulgoth is exactly right. Look for those dinos and you know youre in the biome it spawns.
Was struggling to get it to lvl 10, but i had two spawn back to back (literally as the screen for how much i collected on the first one closed)
I made the second attempt count lol

*Postosuchus for those curious, is a night spawn in parks/green map areas


That’s odd, I’m in a rather small suburban area and have a good mix. Because it’s smaller and a bit away from everything, this is mostly farmland so tons of greenspace with hundreds of event supply drops on my game as well. Guess I’m lucky


That sounds so nice. I’m glad you have such a great hunting area :slight_smile: if only I could get my hands on parasaurolophus :< guess I’ll have to travel xD


WOW and just like that, weekly Dinos included parasaurolophus :smiley: I’m a happy woman now.


I ignore Para most of the time and it spawns everywhere around me all the time. >.<

BTW it’s design isn’t the best in my opinion.


Oh really? Para is one of the best commons in game according to metahub and from my experience, she always kicked me hard in lower arenas when an opponent had her. Not only that but she is source to some high level hybrids that I can’t get my hands on for because she doesn’t spawn here.