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How Ripped Off Do You Feel When Getting Shev's Vial?

I’ve now gotten this as a ‘reward’ in two packs. The vial is so far beyond crappy that I feel my grievance is entirely legitimate. To spend such huge resources to gain such an item as a random reward from a pack isn’t gamblers remorse, it’s feeling as if I’ve been totally ripped off because the item itself isn’t even worth equipping if it were a common, let alone a legendary that you’ve worked hard to attain. It’s an actively bad item.

Yeah I have that too :frowning: it’s only as bad as the archers legendary quiver though :wink:

You should be able to sell legendaries at some flat rate whenever you want - at least get something out of the garbage ones

I Get A Pretty Good Effect Using His Ax’s
It’s Like Chop, Chop Chop, Especially With Counter Attack :joy::muscle::+1: