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How rural are you?

Love the house we moved into last fall with 10 wooded acres. Bought a new kodiak atv to explore with my hubby, but never thought it would be an issue. Now I want to move to the big city so I can shoot dinos. I guess I am addicted…

Very rural

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I feel you…luckily I am smack right in the centre of the city.

I go camping a lot and would LOVE to see more rural Dino spawns

Too rural :rofl:


Oh that’s a pretty view!

Pretty much rural like you. Switched to this game from Pokemon Go, because it offers more to rural players.
My first pokestop was 2 miles away. In this game, the first supply pillar is 100m away. So, that is improvement :smiley:

I’m not rural but def not big city. It blows my mind how some players have level 25+ dinos and I probably won’t see that much dna in my lifetime :joy::joy:

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Fairly rural… Thankful for the stops that are on my way to and from work and the local Parks.


Not at all lol


I feel for you rural players. Barely was able to survive hunting in a rural area for two weeks lol. I don’t live in the city, but in a surburban neighborhood right next to a small park, just a few minutes on bike from chain food stores, malls, theaters, buildings, you name it. On a 10ish minutes bike ride, I can reach all local zones. From the couch, I have 5 supply drops within my 200m mark.

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2 1/2 miles (4 km) from a small town on a rural dirt road… but I can’t complain. This game is so much better than the competition for rural players! I have several supply stops and spawn points nearby, including a supply stop (sometimes orange, sometimes green and sometimes it’s a strike event) right in front of our 3 1/2 acre property!

Thank you, Ludia, for not ignoring rural players! When I go on a bike ride (I ride for miles), I can spin supply drops basically everywere and always encounter good spawns.

There isn’t a pokestop or pokemon anywhere near me (within 2 1/2 miles), I always have to go into town or play in the city where I work… which is why I went from a very dedicated PoGo player (level 40) to a very casual one back in late May :laughing:)

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Thankfully I work in a big city 2 days a week, hiding my phone under the desk is a task though lol.

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I miss having neighbors sometimes but all is good. If I was playing this game before I bought this house I may have told the realtor that I love everything about the place, but umm bad phone signal and no dinos? Let’s move on to ther next house lol!


You almost look like you live on a little boat out in the middle of the ocean from your pic!!! :joy:

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Lol… The corner piece of farmland …


The light from that tower helps guide me in at night lol

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Wow living there is so beautiful! Who cares about a silly game…

But still… gimmie Indoraptor now.

I need indoraptor to protect my little dogs from coyotes and a great horned owl I hear out there in the woods.

I’m in the UK countryside but not far from 2 villages with plenty of activity :blush:

Does anyone else hunt DNA while riding a horse? There’s not much about on the bridleways but it does make me feel like a proper adventurer - gallop along, skid to a stop for darting, onwards… etc…

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I grew up with horses and love them, whoa whoa ok don’t move an inch my friend, I can’t miss this shot lol

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