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How’s my lineup?


pretty cool think the level 40 indominus rex and 20 vip are messing up your lineup, I think selling 2 out of 3 would solve the problem
but there is no more problem, your lineup is deep but need more herbivore(level 30 stegoceratops is really good) and amphibian(level 11 ostoposaure) and pterosaur(zalmonodon level 10)
overall thelineup is really good, the only thing is the top 3 is destroying the balance

I don’t have level 40 indom.

level 40 would ubalance it further, maybe you could make some dino with indominus rex ferocity to balance your lineup

Yeah maybe. Sad thing is I’m working on Indo and it will mess up my lineup bad.

if you only make one without other dino of the same ferocity and only make dinosaure of level 20 vip ferocit you should be fine

When you post your lineup, you don’t need to do it all the way. Just up to lvl 40 commons

Sell indominus and 1 of the 2 lvl 20 VIPs and work on more herbivores

These pictures were from yesterday in the day so they ain’t new.

And it was night when I created the topic.