How’s my team?


I’m trying for indominus right now, as well as nodopatosaurus, but I hardly ever find nodosaurus. T. rex is more abundant than nodo. I will try for spinotahraptor as soon as my utahraptor gets to 10. Any suggestions or tips?


Nodosaurus I find mainly at night, there spawning lil sporadic meaning it can be in many areas and shares lots of different spawn biomes. I’d recommend loading up your Utah Raptor, Spinoraptor lil disappointing unless you can manage to get spinosuchus.


Get rid of top right, replace with allos.


I found that tarbosaurus was better than allosaurus because of its 40% crit rate. I actually like postimetridon.


Yeah I’ve heard that it is a little disappointing. I can’t seem to find utahraptor in the wild and have been relying on sparse incubator DNA for it. I’m still hoping to get rajasaurus one of these times from a gold incubator, I need 5 pieces of DNA.


Yeah, but Allo has higher attack and hp


Tabor is way better looking tho. He is my favorite lol I just wish I could level him up faster to replace Allo


I’m pretty sure mine is at lv 10, I see tarbo everywhere I’ve just been ignoring him


Postimedredon is good around your lvl but becomes a paper tiger later on. But you have goals of getting indom. Simply replace him when you get it with him.


Nodosaurus and U-Raptors spawn at night quite a lot, just take some hours for late night hunts every few days.


I just finished my night hunt! Leveled my t Rex once to lvl 16, and leveled my v-raptor twice to lvl 19. Got a lot of the other raptors too! Utah, echo, Charlie, Delta. Almost got my Allo to lvl 20! He’s about five allos away!