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How Scent capsules work

I think that the introduction of scent capsules was a brilliant move by Ludia, well done.

Scent capsules have a higher chance of catching locally spawning dinos, so if you need anything specific use one in the zone/area it spawns in.

The question I have is, if you use a scent during an event does that increase the chances of catching more event dinos?

For example if you use an epic scent on a day there are epic dinosaurs spawning at special event supply drops does it increase your chances of luring those specific epic dinosaurs? Just wondering.

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Yeah I’ve got one and want to get the most out of it. I love me some Monolophosaurus and wouldn’t mind some Baryonyx, velociraptor or gorgeousaurus so I’m planning on heading to L3 at night and using it near the hospital that happens to be there. If the special event Dino of the day also changes what will spawn I’ll have to take that into consideration also.