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How should I boost Entelania

I started using Elania on my team and I’m not very sure on how to boost it. I asked a few people but most seem to disregard it as a weak unique. From what I’ve used it seem to be incredibly powerful with a few boosts.
So any Ideas?

I like the build
Health = 15
Attack = 5
Speed = 10
With this it will have 7k hp with 1.9k attack and around 127 speed.
But you can always swop the health and speed around up to you.
If you swop the speed and health it will have 6.3k health and 137 speed but the turtle is used to kill resilients and cunnings.

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4/11/15 - enough attack to 1 shot the towers

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Right now I’m in aviary so I feel it might become food to the Thors and Mortys as it doesn’t have enough health

I was already having my Entelolania at level 30 and was playing around with different boost distributions during the recent boost reshuffle.

What worked surprisingly well for me was a 10/10/10 split. Enough HP to survive a good hit, fantastic damage output and often fast enough to revenge kill with a PFS.
And after PFS it is a very versatile creature.

All in all i really love Lania. Not many things are as satisfying as killing a boosted Lux with 1 hit :slight_smile:
Surprised to not see it more often in the arena.


That’s the main issue with the creature it has the same speed stat as thor. But it shouldn’t beat a thor to be honest. If it gained stun immunity/resistance it would be on the same page as the other unique

How does it do vs magnus?
But honestly I love using the weak uniques, getting bored of seeing magna and thor and tryko.
I use the Eagle and it does decent vs many creatures.
Took a while to get it to lv30 cause of the event exclusive

It does pretty well especially if it already set up. Aside from the initial swap in stunning strike magnus can’t kill it fast enough. In a 1v1 I think it can win if played right.

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It does pretty well against both, Lux and Magnus.
The problem with Magnus is that Lania is not immune to stun and that the swap in stunning strike goes through armor.

But once it is in, it does very well. 45% armor combined with the shield and healing provided by dig-in certainly helps.

The key with Lania really is to set-up with a revenge PFS. Then you already are close of being able to hit with devastation.
Of course, this does not work if your enemy then brings in a faster Mortem. But then you normally still do survive his Impact and will hit him with a 4500+ damage res. impact which brings Mortem in swap-in range.