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How should I boost my Magna?

I just unlocked Magna and it’s my second unique so I want it on my team, but it has some catching by too do because it’s a fresh lvl21. Any specific stats I should be boosting?

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hmm speed and attack a little health

I see most magnas at 160 speed, so I would aim towards that for the late game but for early levels I would suggest getting its speed up to the mid 140s.

I would say keep your boosts if it is your second unique only. You must be around 3500-4500 trophy wise and if things haven’t changed too much it’s possible to play unboosted there. It’s much easier to try different teams and see what works for you as long as you haven’t used any boosts. Once you use them you are stuck and can’t really change your team. Magnapyritor is not as good as it was, so it might not be a great idea at the moment.

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This is mine, its 6/8/16, works out really well for me.


Mines pretty similar however just lower lvl.

I wish it had a little more health. I have to be very selective when I bring it out. Need to make sure if they have a CeRAT that I’ve baited it out already.

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