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How should I boost tenrex?

I was thinking an 11/13/6 but I would like to hear other people’s opinions, it would give it around 7k health 3k damage and 121 speed

The tenons I face are usually boosted 3k in attack, mid library. Speed abt 120, think the idea is try and be faster than max so you go first after health regen and do a dsr.

Thanks for the input😊

Np, just bought all the nest protector scents to hopefully lure more tenontosaurus out. 1 more to lvl30 :laughing:

I only just unlocked it today, that’s why I was wondering how to boost it😅

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Try 12/12/6. It will pass 7000 hp, 3000 attack, and reach 121 speed


It has just a bit more health than 11/13/6 so it’s an option that I’ll think about

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This is the way I have mine is it’s great like that.

I would say probably a little less speed and more hp. (Just swap 1 speed for 1 health) but other then that it looks like the average amount of boost in each stat.

Yup, fellow alliance members(2 have it max) use it at 12/12/6

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Mine is 12/16/0 but I’d like to go for 15/15/0. It performs well otherwise and is perfect for raids.

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Well, yes

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Mine is 12 14 4. Its mainly for raids. If you want it fir the arena maybe take off some damage or health and boost its speed fir the arena. Abuse it like everyone else does

10/20/0 hands down. You dont need speed to race with the thors, just go mega damage and your heal should bring you back to basically full, then rampage usually kills the target, if not leaving it in swap range


Thanks for all the great options guys😊

I think I’ll go with your recommendation @anon55075642, I’m only missing out on 58 damage if I go 12/12/6 instead of 11/13/6 and the health goes up by around 200 so it’s better with your set

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MIne is 12/12/6 (7110/3002/121)