How should I boost Thoradolosaur?

I know that I’m gonna boost to 121 speed for raids and PVP but I don’t know how to boost its health and attack

This is what I was going to go for

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I would say don’t in the first place since fierce like thor can easily be swapped in or just destroyed. But if this is you only option go for hp and attack as your main attributes. Speed won’t really help much but its not bad to put in some boosts as to get the first decisive hit.

Thor is better for raids than the arena, so avoid speed boosting it too fast. (It’s the best fierce for raids IMO - even better than Mortem atm). My level 30 is boosted 4/17/9 (6016/3031/123). I would recommend keeping Thor below 125 and above 119 for speed - 121-123 is the sweet spot. It you have Thor any faster than 123 you potentially run into problems when raiding with a tryo due to equal speeds. If you go much higher dmg you could potentially be op for some raid strategies, but not often, so if you prefer less hp and more dmg then go for it. I personally prefer the extra cushion for hp in raids like Gorgo and Boa where big dmg is taken from the boss. More HP is safer for fast strats as well. I am very, very glad I have my Thor for raids because, since Mortem no longer has back to back group moves, Thor does a better job with most raids overall.

Thor isn’t so much an arena dino as it is a raid dino. In this meta it is, without a doubt, the BEST fierce for raids in general. Sure Mortem can do the quick 3 turn strat vs mortem, but it’s really rng to raid with anymore overall since the update, and fast strats are much harder due to the 2 turn cooldown on group roar. Thor is the fast strat king.

PS- I raid A LOT with my Thor, and I get invited to many many raids because of how it is calibrated. The only issue I have run into is with Andrew - my thor is too strong for the 6 turn strats, but works well with the 9 turn. Andrewtops is a pain in the rear raid anyways, so there is that.

If you’re hoping to participate in Raids, 121-123 speed is the fastest Thor should be.

If you’re hoping to make it far in PvP, it’s gonna need upwards of 131 or more speed to really have a chance against other Thors and Mortems.

And unless you go raiding with a friend that has a faster Tuoramoloch, Trystronix or Indoraptor gen 2, there’s no chance of a nitro Thor doing much of anything in the Raids.

6/15/9 should be good for most raids. Some require less damage though. Building mine for raids at the moment and targeting 6/12/9 to be safe. You don’t want too much damage as well for the gorgotrebax raid to avoid killing both minions on round 2 turn 1.

Once I unlock apex raids I plan on doing only gorgotrebax and boa mostly looking at the meta those are the two viable ones besides the new one possibly in my opinion

I might sacrifice a little attack (probably about 200 points) for more hp, other then that its good

there are gorgo fast strats now with thor that require 2977+ dmg that work great. If you have less dmg than 2977 you will not win easily without crits. The older 3 turn per round gorgo strats were still rng with thor at lower dmg. The newer strats are better. This is just my experience obviously, but I raid a lot and help moderate 2 raid Discords, so I am kinda partial to what I use lol, so many here might not want as much dmg as I prefer. However, there are a lot of other fast strats with Thor require a minimum of 2800 dmg if not more. Hp above 6k is really not needed as much as dmg around 3k for fast strats.

This is an example of one of my favortie strats for gorgo. It’s fairly solid overall as well, and less rng heavy than many of the previous gorgo strats with Thor. I have spend MANY hours using Thor in gorgo raids so I am very familiar with what works and what doesn’t.

PS - sorry SleeplessHunters for redoing your spreadsheet - people who were using this strat didn’t realize Thor needed to be slower than tuora and indom with your notes :rofl:

This strategy works well to get rid of the massive rampage on round 2 turn 2 but not everyone can run it yet.