How should I boost Troodoboa, Stygidaryx, and Andrewtops?

Is there anyone that has a good boost spread for these creatures? I’ve yet to find any credible boost spreads for them because of how obscure they seem to be on teams.

For troodoboa, I’d say a good amount of hp, about 8 damage, and rest in speed. Maybe 17/8/5
Stygidaryx needs a good amount of hp w/ a good amount of damage for the counter. And the rest in speed. I’d suggest 15/11/4
Andrewtops is like a glass canon, but it benefits from a little bit of hp. I’d suggest 4/13/13


Good to know. My current goals Troodoboa and Daryx are 15/9/6 (Troodo) and 14/12/4 (Daryx). I was previously going for 10/12/8 with Andrewtops, but I’ll consider more damage and speed.

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Andrewtops is very flexible, just like Indotaurus. You can boost it however you want and it will give good results

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I’d say about an even balance for Andrewtops, maybe 11/9/10
For daryx you want health and attack, so probably 10/15/5

Here’s my current troodoboa. Can’t say I’m a reliable source because Ludia just CANT get their matchmaking right


I would say to prioritize hp and attack for andrew with a bit of speed. Alot of the times with andrew I feel its best to be slower so you can get that vulnerability counter off.

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