How should I fix my team

what should I put in my team next

(Also what should I do when I’m bored)

  1. Close app and create custom creatures/hybrids

  2. Draw hybrids/creatures

  3. Do campaign

  4. Take an unhealthy amount of screenshots of your favourite dino

  5. Adoring your favourite dino by twisting their model around and tapping them for some time

  6. Do some statistics about the creatures


If you’re bored, I’d recommend 2 things

  1. Campaign: Free coin and dna!
  2. If you can go out safely, spin drops, get coin

I’ve finished everyone of them to the Unique test in the campaign and I can’t go further because the opponents are APEX!!! How am I suppose to defeat that!! my team is still in badlands! But I’m working on special teams

you’re in badlands and done with the unique test? I’m jealousss

In marshes and stuck on the fourth part

What did you use against Testa and Grypolyth?

Compy and Alberto!!!

This team is junk for me!

you should invest in more resilients really. Brachi and Antarctopelta as well as Majundaboa and Ankylodicurus are really handy at your level rn


I have them but there low lvl except majunda i don’t have that

Unboosted Diplodocus carried me all the way through aviary, you should consider using it.

I used it but one time an allo g2 came in and one hit k.o. It the allo was lvl22

And cunning creatures deal a lot of damage because I don’t have ARMOR!!! the resilient no problem but what would u do when ur bored

But you do have shields, and the highest health in the game with some good amount of damage and a decelerating rampage.

True but what should I swap it with its also kinda awkward that I don’t have any legendaries!

Next week you can dart megalotops, rhino, pelta and eucladoceros, so you could go for one of the strong ones (megalotops, pelta and rhino). If i was you i would probably go for 5 megalotops and then 4 of pelta or rhino

I was willing to put Megalotops in but I feel like it’s lvl was too low and I’ve haven’t unlocked the rhino yet (awkward) so I think going for the pelta is good

Next week there’s megalotops for darting!?!?!? :sloth:

If ludia don’t do a last minute change it is