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How should i improve my lineup?

My current line-up, not toune standard but I’m hoping to get there, soooo how should I improve it. Also sorry about the first three being used I was doing dino bucks event.

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  • Save recources
  • Get rares and eventually super-rares to lvl 40
  • Start working on levelling up to level 60 to get CoT
  • Get level 30 legendaries
  • Get hybrids available to you
  • Any other tips other people will give you
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Your lineup is the same as Tommy.

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Gasp he has Acrocanthosaurus and you do too!!

nah his is different look at his post

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Thank you!!

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Lineups from @Fossil-Fan

My lineups

Ur lineup better what level are u?

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He’s lvl 44

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ok, 8 more levels above me and 20X as better as me