How should I move forward?

Hello everyone,

For the past week, I was trying to figure out what to do or which area to focus on and proceed through the game.

I’ve only started playing since January 27th (VIP subscription purchased on first day), so I’m almost 2 months old!

The game has become repetitive for me and I have no made any progress with my creatures for almost a month. I’m still using my Lv10 VIPs and can’t make Lv40 Legendaries yet because it would bring my ferocity over 2500, which my Lv10 VIPs are at.

I started to finish tournaments in Dominator since the Pachyrhino tournament and have been in Dominator since, so didn’t upgrade my Lv10 VIPs because I don’t think I need to.

My park can max coins in about 2 days now and I’m starting to gather food. Some of you guys have been playing for years, what’s your motivation? What should I aim for? Goals? I guess I am just confused what I need to do at this point, I haven’t really upgraded my park for a few weeks.

I’ll post some screenshots here and would welcome suggestions/advice/criticism. A lot of the people on the forum has been very helpful towards my progress, thank you guys.

Coin production:


Dino army:

Tbh my motivation is to unlock every creature and have them in my park. Others’ is to have every creature at level 40, and others’ still are to have every paddock maxed out. I think you’ll find your motivation in time. But start with unlocking everything and making all your favorite creatures. If you want more, make everything at level 40. If you want more than that, make every paddock maxed out. The world is yours and you have the ultimate power here. It’s your joy, do want you will with it. That’s all I can say. I hope you have fun, my new friend, and I hope this game is the thrill you have been looking for.


@EorlundGraymane91 hits the point very well, it is all player preference, you will need to find what you are driving for.

Personally for me it is getting everything to level 40, maxing paddocks where I can, unlocking all of the creatures, and generally having fun within the game. My goals shift from time to time but they all tend to lead back towards what I have laid out above. You are young in terms of this games time span, I have been playing for two years and I am considered middle age in terms of the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I am glad the forum has been helpful for you.


Thanks for the shoutout @Sionsith. And let me just say @Nestea that @Sionsith is whom we all on the forums look up to and ask for advice. If you ever need help, he is there for us, and always very helpful. Like he says, make sure you have fun with the game. It’s what it’s all about right? (Why is there no dinosaur emoji? :sob:)

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They do exist: :t_rex::sauropod:


I don’t have any on iPhone :sob: dunno if you have one or could point me towards them… but I cannot find them on my phone and it kind of saddens me

On iPhone…


On Android.

:crocodile: :turtle: :sauropod: :t_rex:


I doubt those first two are meant to be dinos, but certainly to us they would be! I see a Tusoteuthis, an Amphicyon and an Archaeotherium in that screenshot @Sionsith posted too (since we’re talking game emojis).

And is it just me, or does the shading on that T-Rex make it look like it has a wooden leg? :wink:


I see that you have enough DNA in order to make anything you want . You could start by making your favourite level 40 legendaries . If you afraid for your line-up , level up your VIP creatures to level 20 . Don’t hesitate to increase the ferocity of your top creatures. Then start making your favourite hybrids. Personally , I choose which creature I want considering more its appearance than its power . But this is just my way of playing . You have the right to choose your way of playing . And trast me , you have the ability to make a huge jump at your park .

How do you manage to save over 4000 DNA, 500 DB and 2000 LP per DAY?

Thanks for the advice @EorlundGraymane91 and @Sionsith . I think I will aim for aquatics “super line-up”. There are just too many dinos. You also don’t need to re-arrange aquatics in your park. A couple weeks ago, I spent a few hours rearranging my dino park, wasn’t really fun :sleeping:

I didn’t upgrade my VIPs to Lv20 because I read that some players got harder daily events. I was just thinking why would I want to make things harder.

@Johan_Oke I am a VIP & Fidelity subscriber. I probably hit Lv50 park to unlock TH in under 2 weeks too, so I’ve been collecting DBs and LPs through TH mostly and not spending anything. Only 150 DBs/day for TH refresh.

I find that DNAs are the easiest to collect. Some packs gave me 2-6K DNA/3900 LPs from the VIP Prize drop. I trade DNAs for LPs and DBs and never trade away my DBs.

Do you guys know if we have a LINE or Discord group?

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WOW I am incompetent :joy::joy::joy:

Update: :t_rex::sauropod: found them :joy: thanks @Sionsith

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You did all that in a little over a month?? I’m not VIP but that just seems crazy, IDK? Takes me at least a week or 2 to make much progress with my dino’s anymore.

Either way, who cares about ferocity, don’t get hung up on stuff, just play the game, have fun make whatever dino’s you want. Besides, it seems like you have the resources to balance things out pretty quick.

If you don’t have lvl 40 legendaries then you must not have some of the hybrids either. Seems like you have a decent amount to keep you busy yet. Making a couple lvl 20 legendary hybrids or lvl 30 super rares will chew a hole in your DNA stock pretty quick.

Thanks @Subxero11

I was thinking about leaving my Jurassics as they are (Lv10) and work on my aquatics. I am missing a lot of common/rare dinos to make some of the lower hybrids, so that’s one of the reasons why my DNAs have been piling up. I am just hatching whatever I got for free.

What do you use DBs for? I seem to have no use for them yet. I became a Fidelity subscriber because back when I just started, Lv30 Food production costed 3,000 DBs. I didn’t know that was it and thought I’d need more DB for every 5 levels now :frowning:

I would save DBs as much as possible when you are early in the game. The hatch times, etc. just aren’t that long and those DBs become much more useful as you get to higher level creatures that take many days to hatch. You want to save them for times when you REALLY need them, don’t spend them frivolously. If you accidentally drop a 7-day tournament creature into your first hatch pod for instance, you are going to want the DBs to speed it up and clear that hatchery! Or you may get into a tournament and need to use some cooldowns in the waning hours to stay in Dominator. When I do use DBs for things like speeding up Hatcheries, I try to do it during the Tuesday morning discount, so I can maximize how much spending power I get from them.


I tend not to have a lot of DB’s and it takes me a while to save up. The main thing i spend them on are speeding up hatching. Right now that is my limiting factor for progress. Right now most of the dino’s i am hatching take 5- 7 days with the occasional legendary at around 2 days give or take

I have 30 + dino’s in my inventory i need to hatch and the # just continues to grow. If my hatchery is full of +5 day hatches and i am completing events everyday on top of buying dino’s on discount days for a week you can see how things start to get backed up. So i tend to use some DB’s to speed up some of the hatching just to keep things moving a bit.

Other than that i splurge 60 just about every day for super rare raptor mods. The super rare mods are so much better than the rare mods and 60 DB’s a day isn’t very much for what you get IMO Having the super rare mods really helps me to complete some of the mod events with out having to utilize my best dino’s which is nice when there are conflicting events.

Ill use a few DB’s to speed up resting dino’s for tournaments if necessary.

About the raptor mods. I think TH sometimes offers SR mods for 33 DBs for 1X or 2X? I think that might be cheaper for you than spending 60 DBs for SR mods in the raptor paddocks. You also get to “choose” the SR mod you to trade or not in the TH. It’s random in the raptor paddocks.

I used to spend 7 days hatching the tournament, but during that week, I did nothing and got no new dinos. So, I thought it was pretty boring. Now I am hatch my SR/VIP/Rare dinos only. I only do the rares to make them into hybrids.

I mean, I am almost at 38K DBs and I just need to find a use for these. Thought about using them during the discounted hatching time to hatch my 7 day dinos and legendaries too.

Just not sure what is the correct steps to take. Currently I don’t have a “need” since I am making it in dominator league consistently, so that’s probably something that’s not giving me a push to improve my lineup faster.

Now that I am where I am I have no hesitation to speed up hatchery pods. I for sure do this during the hatchery discount but also do it in Thursday when I purchase some new hybrids. If you have them I suggest using them at the rate that you are producing them. It helps progress speed in the game but again it all depends on what your goal is for the game.