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How should I progress?

Since previously getting back into the game in a new account day before yesterday. I had re-installed the game day before yesterday,i am at level 20 now,probably because I am speeding through missions rapidly and using the wooden bridge that is the most expensive decoration for me at the moment useful in levelling. So I feel like my progress is going a bit too fast for my dinosaurs,that is,my dinosaurs are underlevelled for my progress. I feel like I should have atleast a few level 40 common’s and 20 rares or so ,but my best is : -
Level 20 Nundasuchus
Level 20 Dilophosaurus
Level 30 Utahraptor.
Level 40 Triceratops
Honestly speaking,I even purchased a building vip pack of 2000 loyalty points to complete a mission for obtaining one card pack which I got at level 17 or so . Should I slow down and try to build up my team or should I focus on progressing as fast as I can. I spent loads of DNA in the Jurassic World Prize Drop,personally I am not a VIP,so it is not that amazing for me,but the supersaurus one will fetch me progress on the fidelity packs and give me a good ton of food. So I filled that,i have been merciless on my resources,i am always either full or empty when it comes to resources,never balanced. I feel it is impossible to get above the silver fidelity without VIP,but i know that is not 100% true but who spends real money and dino bucks on the Prize Drop. Any tips to progress fast as well as to have good dinos at the same time.

First, you could consider watching your park level to get more lower level unlocks.

I didn’t speed through the lower levels, but with my common unlocks, I only have 1 common hybrid. The common hybrids aren’t great, but the DNA jump above them is huge. Common hybrids also have great coin rates at level 40. Get your first hybrid as soon as you can (actually 3 of them) so you can do hybrid events.

Second, other than the unlock problems, there is nothing wrong with speeding forward. Just keep your team balanced and your top group large (vs a smaller higher isolated top group).

Also, don’t waste DNA or Dino Bucks right now. I remember having days of extra DBs. And sometimes extra DNA (nothing to write home about), but at your point, I’d skip the DNA lottery and make more dinos.

Lastly on the Prize drop, someone posted that as a non-VIP you have to get all of the non-DB lotto tickets AND 7 more DB tickets, which would allow you to buy the diamond pack for about 4000DB. He said it cost about 6000DB a week to do this.

While possible, it is expensive. But, as a non-VIP player, it is your only way to get 50K VIP dinos.

And I’d suggest saving all of your LP points for 10K packs or 20K packs as needed vs anything else.

Have fun!

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