How should I upgrade my line up?

Your team is pretty unbalanced, that means that the ferocity of your first dino is too strong compared with others. Maybe you are going too fast.

What they might recommend you is to deep your line up so you can make more events (with the cooldown of your team I bet there are some events you can’t complete).

Personally I would sell indoraptor, since you have it unlocked it will be pretty easy to buy more in the future, use that dna to fill the gaps in your line up. Once you can make the daily events without trouble you should try making more Dinos with similar ferocity to your top 3 average. For tournaments vip dinosaurs with level 20, tournament hybrids from level 10-20 will work.

That way you could balance your top team, make your matches easier, and have shorter cool downs with tournaments. I mean if you use right now your top team Dinos you can use it again in two days, that’s a lot since there are daily events that are based in that stats.

Hope it helps!


I have 50000 this is a old photo