How should I use my dollars?


I’m playing for free and I have amassed some $$$$

I recently found the rewards for achievements and I have dollars.

How should I invest them??

Paying to open up challenge incubators?

Coins to level up Dino’s?


coins. incubators are not good. never speed up arena incubators either as they are even more not good.


Build 'em up for Coin offers. If you have to speed up an Arena Incube, wait until it’s less than 10 (I always speed up the 15min ones right away; only like 3 or 5 cash.


For future reference you can hatch the 15 min incubator right away by watching a usually 30 ad with no cash needed. All other incubators can be opened the same at 15 by watching an ad. I always do it. Save that case for coins.


Coins. Definitely coins. At low levels, this seems uninteresting, but the more you progress into the game, the more you’ll be struggling to have the coins to level up. Also, level up your team with the idea that some dinos will never make it to the official team, but they could be good DNA pools for later hybrids: these are good for the XP coming with levels, but after the 1K threshold is better stop evolving them (too expensive and as said you’ll be needing the DNA for hybrids)