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How should I work this one out?

Today there are a whole bunch of events today,for me it is avian ancestors,fight for funds,the herbivore thing and the boss event,I have avian ancestors as I have not yet unlocked monsters of the deep yet. Which is at level 35. I am not sure where do I invest my coins? I know that only 2 of these events are for coins,but I just spent a lot of coins on mods today for modded battles,so I have very little coins left. My best pterosaurs are 2 Zhejiangopterus at level 10. I know that Avian Ancestors rewards much better because you are guaranteed a super rare,but still,I really want the prehistoric plan eaters pack.

It’s your choice. I skipped an event yesterday to save 600,000 gold. I got a nodosaurus out of the herbivore pack which was extremely unexpected. I’ll do the other events once i get enough gold. FYI Fight for funds is free.

I mentioned that only 2 of 4 are for coins. My problem is I just spent loads of them on mods. I went for the herbivore pack which I regret,I should have went for the Avian Ancestors. I would atleast have gotten 325 Loyalty points and a super rare instead of a rare.

Sell some buildings/decorations you dont need for gold. I don’t recommend spending anything on mods (besides the 1 on missions).

If you’re having to skip events due to lack of coins, invest in your park. More, higher-level creatures in the paddocks and more decorations surrounding them. Spend coins to make coins. Buy Mods after you do the PVE.


I’ve figured out a “glitch” with decorations. Everyone probably already knows this, but stack all your decorations in one place for the highest possible percentage and you can move in/out dinosaurs for some extra gold. I have a majungasaurus lvl 40 that gives me 20k extra gold when I put it in 77 extra %. I do this only to the ones that give a lot of gold.

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This is called “the coin trap”

The only problem is you have to move dinos in/out for every coin collection.

As for OP, do the events you think you can complete and stick to them for the final rewards.

I’ve invested heavily in Herb meat shields for tournaments, so I’m pretty solid on that event. You might now be, so I would tell you to save that one for last.

I remember being at your park level and having to do this. Depending on your best available decoration, you could get more of those. Out fill out the Triceratops group so you can collect heavily from them every 5 minutes while you are playing. That is what I did. Now I am more of an every 30mins player with the better dinos I have now.

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K. I will do so. I have recieved about 2700 dna from the boss already

what is your best dino? i can barely do 10k damage.

Level 40 legendary at around 600 attack (600x1.5 class advantage is 900, time 20 for 8 attack is 18,000). Some vips close to 600 too. I think I have 1 tournament lev 30 at 650 attack too.

I see you are new to the forums, you can account me as a new and a intermediate player both,as I was playing back in January and February and was at level 44,my best being,Rajastega 10,Velociraptor 40,Unaysaurus 20,Prionosuchus 20,Ankylosaurus 40,Quetzalcoatlus 30,however, because of joining jurassic world alive,I left Jurassic World The Game,and now I am back . So I have not yet advanced much as I joined back only about a week back,so now I am level 31currently my best stuff comprises of:- ,Zhejiangopterus 20,Nundasuchus 30,Ophiacodon 30,Suchomimus 10,Stegosaurus 20

I am having trouble in how to arrange my stuff in the park,not only is it crowded but also,Messed Up.

Ok. When I first joined,I was used to the new system. Hope everything works out for you,there have not been any drastic changes,although many changes have definitely occurred.

Been playing for around a month and I think I’m fine with the new changes. What sucks is now you can’t do the exit out glitch on bots now.

I wish I could,I have seen people do that in Videos. I love the S DNA addition,it let’s you do so much for nearly free.

I used to employ that glitch, when it went away I realized the reason I needed it was because I let my lineup get unbalanced, once I corrected that I have not even thought about it until you just mentioned it and it has been more than I year since that was an available strategy.

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