How should poukandactylus be Boosted

Hey everyone, Poukandactylus is getting a buff. And i want to start using it. I have unlocked it with the tournament and working to get its components to lvl 20 to start leveling it. But where should it be boosted in, havent put any boost on it yet. And maybe also some advise for Andrew, ParaT, Troodoboa and others unique’s maybe?


For parasauthops, you should boost 10hp, and 20dmg.

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Poukan is getting a buff?

Where did you see this buff for Poukandactylus? It’s not in the patch notes.


Poukadact isn’t be buffed but it’s still amazing

As for boosts health damage speed… I put more on damage tho

No…it’s not. I’m sry, it had in past updates. But not this one!

An indirect buff by the cooldown decrease of distracting impact, it will go from 1 to 2