How strong all uniqes should be based on the, the harder to get the better it should be rule(high effort)

Ok if my fat finger slips and i post this before it’s done just ignore i’ll finish and edit it then.

So ludia in 2.2 with fancy words basicly said that if a creature is hard to get like having execlusive components, it should be better.

I fully agree with that, execlusives have to be sant farmed in order to even be obtained when theres no event for them while for exmple u could just go around darting, dracos trikes g2 and proceratos to make the green rat, with no sant farming involved, while for antarcto for example you are gonna have to spesificly go to the locals of conca and diplo g2 and sant farm a ton of pelta to get it. Now obviosly execlusive uniqes have championships wich slightly takes away the point but even after u get an execlusive uniqe wich takes an entier alliance u are gonna have to sant farm to get it to a higher lvl.

Now i basicly took the rarity, when and where a creature spawns and weather or not it’s execlusive and based on that ranked all uniqes and how hard they are to make.

IMPORTANT: i did NOT consider past event first of all i can’t realy remember them all, but the thing is many would consider brachi less execlusive then diplo due to the fact it’s in much more events and was the creature of the month. Well that is true that doesen’t mean that diplo can’t be in like 2 events in a row sudenly or in alliance rewards, or be the creature of the month.

So i hope u get what i’m trying to say, i didn’t count them cause it’a fully up to ludia and the future for whats gonna be in future events so now i hope you understand from wich viewpoint i’m making this.

So heres the rank i’m gonna explain the creatures’s component’s spawns, and based on that should that creature get a buff or nerf or is fine as it is.

We are gonna go from the easyest to make therefor, should be the worst or at least close(it doesen’t mean it should be bad, just the worst of the uniqes), to the hardest to make therefor should be the best.

Just wanna say one more thing i don’t have all uniqes i have only a few and this is just roughly, if u disagree i’m gonna read and reply to well argumented coments.

  1. Dracoceratosaurus


i think this doesen’t come as a suprise to most people, literaly 2 global anytime comons and a global anytime rare with a broken OP hybrid pursuit it literaly doesen’t get easyer then that.

Balancing, buff:

Despite that it’s not that weak it’s just that dracoceratops the red rat, is legitemenly better, and since the superhybrid no matter in wich case is harder to obtain then it’s hybrid component, it should be better, so i think a slight buff to the green rat, and a nerf to the red one would make scense, but if u nerf the red one then the green would be used instead, like it should be(but swap in savagery is one of the most frustraiting things to go agains, so that gives a bonus reason why green rat shouldn’t be too strong)

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  1. Indoraptor

Execlusivity: again, a global common 2×(wich i consider is eayer cause u can just farm the same creature and reqest the same cresture and still get 2 of the components, compared to having to farm 2 easy to get creatures, both are easy either way) and a global epic nothing special.

Balancing, balanced/buff:ok thing is weak like it should be and the only reason i buffed the green rat is cause the red one is used more then it is. If u wanted to buff indo i guess u could give it evasive rampage, or something no shatering tho, thats how i counter indo.

  1. Stigydaryx

Execlusuvity: same story as indo exept that u actualy have 2 seperate global comon components.

Balancing, buff: now the only reason why i’m buffing this thing is cause i think it actualy takes a bit of skill to play, like having to predict the sawp ins and outs prob isn’t the easyest, i don’t want a major buff or anything again cause of the components but here you go.

download (43)

Just stat buffs and AS to help, feel like it fits well.

  1. Thorodolosaurus

Execlusivity:Now this we actualy switch up a few things. Sino is a local not a global, and allo is night time global, so defenetly at least a slight step up from daryx.

Balancing, balanced/nerf: thor is used in higher arenas mostly cause it counters most of the resilient meta, but the thing is THOR IS THE ONLY 100% UNIQE FIERCE, wich is the only reason why i wouldn’t nerf it, if u nerf it thats the one thing thats at least somewhat stoping the resilients. So here i made a tiny hp and bleed resistance nerf.

download (44)

So basicly despite the components at least till we get more fierce uniqes i feel like thor should be somewhat good especialy in this meta.


Execlusivity:this was realy close to thor but cause the epic is the final component, so ur gonna need more grypo to make grypolith then ur gonna need sino to make thor. But still u’ll need less lythornax to make grypo then ur gonna need tarbo to make thor, but still 2 local commons and a global epic are not gonna get this thing too far.

Balancing, nerf: i’ve seem top teams using this thing and it’s cause it can casualy heal all of it’s hp every 2-3 turns, while tearing u apart using the rending counter so i nerfed the hp and dmg a bit in exchange of FS for GCS

download (27)

  1. Tuoromoloch

Execlusivity: i would say this thing should have higher but i threw her down here mostly cause she still has a common component. Compared to most of the things that now follow.

Balancing: while yes it is pretty strong for a raid creature and for it’s execlusivity, but it’s mostly raid oriented wich i feel like is kinda like a pass, overall i think it’s fine.

  1. Erildominus

Execlusivity: 3 global spawns 2 epics and 1 comon, the 2 epics are saving it here.

Balancing:overall what i think keeps it down is the meta of resilients, but i made a light buff to slightly better compete with other cunning at least since thats what makes spyx good. But yeah think it’s fine based on the execlusivity.

download (45)

If u realy wanted u could give it percise pounce instead actualy i mean it is part raptor compared to the spinosaurian-therezinosaurid spyx.

  1. Pterovexus

Execlusivity: basicly an upgrade to erlidom, mono and mimus are locals compared to rex and raptor who are globals, tho darwin is global anythime compared to erlik’s day dawn dusk.

Balancing, buff/balanced: i think this thing was nerfed to get it in line with daryx, wich is kinda unfair since it’s harder to get. And it was actualy very used on the top teams before that so i think they just got some dmg and hp it would be fine, but then again since it’s not incredebly hard to get it shouldn’t be too powerfull.

Ok i just want to let u know that the folowing 4 are incredebly close

  1. Entelolania

Execlusivity: i originaly placed it right behind mamoalania but i actualy changed it cause the pig is global while elasmo is local, wich suprisingly makes a difrence here. But yeah an epic and 2 rares gets the furry tortise a decent spot.

Balancing, buff: now first of all i think that they could give it devestation in case u think it would be too strong, mostly cause both vulnerability and ferocity give a 50% dmg buff, exept that this wouldn’t realy fit a resilient, since cunings could remove it but fierce wouldn’t have vulnerability to cleanse, tho u would have to drop the dmg by a bit. Now i made it more raid oriented, using vulnerability, tho not being able to combain it and ferocity so it wouldn’t be too op with the devestarion dmg.

download (46)

download (47)

So theres my 2 options, also pfs plus GEH would heal a frickin maxima too full wich would help in raids too.

  1. Magnapyritor

Execlusivity: it’s local epic, and night dawn dusk rare components get it a decent spot for a non execlusive on this list, dimetrodon is fairly easy to get tho, being a global rare.

Balancing, balanced: defenetly counters what it has to counter, and gets counterd by what it has to gets counterd by, but it just hapens that the class that counters it doesen’t have many members. So it does counter the fierce, gets counterd by the cunning does somewhat well agains resilients and fierce resilinets.

  1. Erlikospyx

Execlusivity: i swear this is so close to magna, it’s literaly weather u think that dawn dusk epic and local rare are harder to get or dawn dusk(and also night wich is why i went with spyx) rare and local epic, dime and erlik g2 are the same spawn.

Balancing, nerf/balanced: now to me other then the suprisingly high hp, i see no reason it’s OP or anything, and i would say it’s balanced tho i’ve been told it can even take on trykos wich are suposed to counter it so maybe bring the hp down a bit , but overall i think it’s completly fine.

  1. Mammolania

Execlusivity: again realy close to the other 3 here, especialy magna and spyx in terms of rarity of the components, spawn time location…

Balancing, balanced: now they managed to nerf lania in 2.0 suprisingly well without completly ruining it. The only complaint i have is it has no raid orientation what so ever(other then the taunt) despite all 3 of it’s components having raid abilitys if it had like a group bellow, or maybe if dig in would taunt you and heal lowest hp teamate. But yeah other then that lania has it’s counters and can make pretty nice plays to get it self out of sticky situations and has stuff it counters as well.

  1. Diorajasaurus

Execlusivity:the first one on a while to be easy to see it’s harder to obtain since, it has 2 epic and one rare instead of the oposite.

Balancing:balanced: dio utilises it’s counter to a great affect with shiled wich also make it good in raids, it doesen’t go as far as to throw away everything just for the defense and then the counter like diplovenator. But it defenetly does do it to a great affect and does well agains cunning, certain resilients and if it’s tanky even fierce resilients but due to the lack of any resistances, it defenetly has it’s counters

  1. Smilonemys

Execlusivity: all 3 of it’s components are epics, as u can see all of the none execlusive uniqes have been ranked mostly on their rairty so far, then the spawn wich stands true for the kitty as well. 2 globals and a local(thats for some reason sant farmable only at lvl 20), gives this cat quite a high spot tho the raid does take away some execlusivity since it is BY FAR the easyest uniqe raid.

Balancing: while i’m a tiny bit away from getting it, i think this thing may even be slightly underrated, from what i’ve seen it seems pretty decent, now i could be completly wrong it could be trash, but i would say a slight buff to the stats and shes good to go. I mean she can do pretty well agains cunning and fierce, i guess the fierce resilients counter her tho.

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  1. Trykosaurus

Execlusivity: i think it comes as no suprise that the tyranosaurid queen herself, comes at the highes for non execlusive uniqes, it’s the same thing as nemys, taking 3 epics exept that instead of 2 being global and 1 being local, we take away the raid make one of them global, 1 local and 1 a frickin park spawn(btw when did they make edapho a park spawn it was a global and then boom it’s a park spawn now).

Balancing: balanced/slight nerf: now i think shes pretty balanced, but i’m not realy sure how many counters shes got, maybe reduce the armour to 25%, or reduce the hp by a tiny bit, but overall i think shes fine.

Now here we are getting into the execlusives, all execlusive component uniqes i ranked above non execlusive component uniqes.

Also anything that uses the execlusive as it’s legendary hybrid component (nasuto fuses into carboto, wich goes into testa, quetz into pteraquetz wich fuses into orion), so one of it’s first components i ranked bellow the ones that use it as their final component, as u are gonna need more tenonto to make tenrex then quetz to make orion. Theres 1 exeption tho.

  1. Quetzorion

Execlusivity: i think it’s obvios why it’s ranked so low for an execlusive, it uses a local epic, and a global comon, but execlusive is execlusive.

Balancing, buff:while this thing wreckes in the aviary as it can outplay most other stuff it gets absolutly demolished above that, now i am in the aviary my self but i’ve seen the use of tenrex, tryko maxima gem… and other fierce resilients that destroy orion. Now the way i buffed him may have been an overkill but still, i’ve decreased the dmg even further while giving it RNR and distraction to CS

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  1. Dilocherius

Execlusivity: same as orion but dilo wins cuz deinocherius is a local compared to tany being a global.

Balancing,balanced: it’s raid oriented so i can’t realy say anything here but the problem with it is the fact that it only gets used in the morty raid realy, and thats problably cause it’s the only fierce apex but still, if u change any moves u ruin it in the only raid it’s good in, but if tuo isn’t avalible dilo is always a good replacement as a healer, so i would say it’s fine.

  1. Spinoconstrictor

Execlusivity:titanoboa is execlusive the other 2 are super easy, but snek is an epic and is the execlusive compared to the previus 2 having a rare as the execlusive.

Balancing, major buff and rework: so you rely on distract dodge to survive wich is cunning while using bleed wich is mainly fierce. Kinda wierd. So now my opinion is change it to wildcard and give it exploit wound and side step back like this for example

download (42)

Now u could argue that this us an overkill, if you think so maybe just trade DS for cunning strike and make it cuning fierce instead of wild card, but imunity to decel is the main thing wich seems to make the best out of cunning fierce creatures.

  1. Poukandactylus(parrot)

Execlusivity: it’s literaly on the exact same thing as constrictor i’m ranking it higher cause it’s newer but yeah execlusive epic, global anytime comon, and rare

Balancing major rewrok and buff:again same problem as constrictor, but this thing has an adittional problem usualy creatures have a strike of some sort then maybe a prority mostly defensive move, parrot has 2 of those priority moves as well as a strike and another ability wich still deals 1× dmg, and it has a counter but it’s dmg in general is pathetic, and it has awfull hp to back it up.

download (38)

Now i know this isn’t the most perfect rework ever, maybe replace GID with something like a shatering ability, or a better distracting one.

  1. Monolorhino

Exeusivity: the only thing keeping this down are the 2 comons, but the only thing keeping it up is the epic execlusive rhino

Balancing, balanced: this is one of the few creatures ludia did folow the rule with in 2.0 and heavily buffed it as derved. I think it might have been a lil strong so the 50 dmg nerf in 2.3 i think is fine.

  1. Testacornibus

Execlusivity: ok before somone sends me death threats for this hear me out. It’s the same as orion and dilo expet that they trade the first local epic for a global one, and then the comon, again for a global epic, so thats defenetly harder to make then both of them but i think that people masivly overestemate how hard testa is to get.

Look:if a new uniqe gets added and it takes an execlusive rare, park spawn epic and a new epic that is dawn dusk i think it’s easy to why people would consider it hard to get. But since euclado became an anytime global, carbo also became a global(and as i’m writing nasuto is in the alliance rewards)it’s much eayer now.

Balancing, buff: now i actualy see testa being pretty good, but i feel like it lacks some damage but then again it has 50% distraction resistance with SV and D so i think more dmg isn’t the best idea, so i gave it more armour and a bit more hp to slightly better back up it’s already good defences and offence.

download (49)

  1. Tenontorex

Execlusivity: despite the global comon and rare requiring a rare execlusive as ur final component i think saves tenrex. And yes i am puting above testa just because of that.

Balancing, balanced: to keep it short it folowed the rule like mrhino did and got buffed in 2.0 now we got our tenrex we all know and love.

  1. Utarinex

Execlusivity: local epic and global rare aren’t much, but execlusuve rare to top it off is. Thats why it gets the highest rank of the rare execlusive component uniqes.

Balancing: now this is 100% the uniqe i have the least of an idea about how strong they are i feel like it’s decent maybe buff the stats slightly, but other then that maybe make it more resilient based.?

  1. Skoonosaurus

Execlusivity: fairly obvius, execlusive epic as the final component and a night time global epic, scolo being comon is realy the only thing keeping it down.

Balancing, buff: they clearly tried to make it raid
and pvp oriented like they did with maxima and gem, but they actualy succed at due to there fierce resilient nature, skoono is cunning resilient and they ended up with this, this is closer to maxima plus koola rather then sono and skoola. Doesen’t have vulnerability or devestation or the counter of sono.
This is my rework mot perfect but i think it’s fine.

download (51)

  1. Geminititan

Execlusivity:2 global rares are keeping it from number one but that execlusive epic dippo is keeping it up.

Balancing, balanced:gem is defenetly hard to make and the reward is great, good both in raids and pvp.
Realy kept this one short i’m tierd of writing this.

  1. Antarctovenator

Execlusivity: upgrades the global rares from gem to a local rare and local epic, while it’s final component is still an execlusive epic.

Balancing, buff:now first wheres the fancy counter, ludia where is it, both of the components have one. So that a 100% then it would need some form of better defense i decided to give it more armour and a taunting shield(taunting in raids for the counter sounds intresting). And other then that idk this is my rework.

download (52)

  1. Ardentismaxima

Execlusivity:yes maxima over gemini, but hear me out, maxima has a local epic and dayli rare(can only get it 1day in a week and canot be atracted by scents) while gem has 2 rare globals, and diplo and brachi are the same so thats a win for maxima basicly.

Balancing, buff: now i’m not saying that 2.0 maxima tier buff i’m saying give a bit of armour back and i did a tiny touch with the crit chance reduction resistance.

download (53)

Now i originaly only looked at the exclusive componenets and testa originaly ranked lower so i had to kinda make like emergency decision while writing, but yeah mrhino,testa and tenrex would prob be a bit diffrent if i would have fully thought it through.

Again i did not count events for this, if i did maxima wouldn’t be number one, it’s up to ludia wich event will they make and wich will they give us we clould easily see way more diplo all of a suden and 0 brachi, but if we count the past events yes gem is number one.

But if i did count them i couldn’t have newer uniqes in there cause we can’t realy say how many events they had and stuff cause they were in the game for only a month.

Sorry for my spelling errors and my english.


Bc we now havemore procerat lineage

it needs some form of shields

acute stun

I really appreciate all the work you put in to this. But you’ve demonstrated how foolish Ludia was in making that statement. Pretty much every dino needed to be balanced in a way not reflected by how easy it is to get (like Thor being the only pure fierce unique). Ludia should just balance things within each tier that need it: availability shouldn’t really matter.


What did u mean with acute stun

as much as i want an exploit wound and sidestep constrictor again, i think it would be too much, especially with speed decrease immunity. personally, just replacing evasive stance with sidestep and a HP buff would be enough for her.

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Now i’m kinda just waiting for replys and see what people think, either i’m gonna wake up in those 7 or so h to tons of replys or 2 replys basicly meaning that i spen over 4h in total making this for nothing

acute stun is resilient
and thor has acute stun

Only thing that disturbs me are the weird health values. (They kinda have to be divisible by 30/150)

Also, every rebalance post there is Orion is always dunked on. Or at least it seems that way. I know this one’s theme but come on.

Stun is more neutral (since stun resistance is all over the place), and if anything isn’t resilient on the same level as deceleration and shields. It’s not enough to make Thor resilient on it’s own.

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You just create a monster lol

Ee dilo is global now

Tryko just need to loose resil impact and replace it with another slowing move so he cant cleansing distraction

Dilo is execlusive, deinocherius is local and ourano is local too

At that point it could get the counter back

I feel it’s a mixed bag. On one hand if you say exclusively matters then only the headrest to make then you’lol only see those which makes things stale. On the other hand oof like you say

Then basically player have been screwed and everything should be easily made since how hard it is to make or fuse doesn’t matter. Monolorhino should be as good a Tenontorex, tryko and Thor should be the same, Erlidominus and every other cunning should be as useful as Magna and spxs, etc. But then that leads to basically staleness but on a larger scale cause then what the point. If every unique from each class is the same as every other than what’s the point, different kits I guess but now there is no drive. But like we see here with @Fico has described giving players the option of getting better dinos by working harder would help with those indos, Monolometrodons, thor etc that are just equally as strong as much harder and more costly uniques and legendaries.


Honestly cause it be revenge or swap in killable by pretty much anything

Would that mean indo and thor are useless; no not at all but that also means they shouldn’t be a good as they are now (thanks boosts). Plsu it gives a drive to unlock dinosaurs like Spinoconstrictor, Testacornibus, the new amphibian, poki and others since if they are as strong as they are to creat then you should probably run them but since they aren’t then why try and waste your resources at all of something much easier to make is equally as good or better

That doesn’t mean you throw balance out the window. Monolometerodon is too strong for a legendary, whether or not it’s easy to make. Eventually everyone will have it, and when they do, if it’s too strong it will destroy the meta just the same. Hard to obtain dinos should still be rewarding, as should any dino. They can even be a bit better. But the difference shouldn’t be so drastic that dinos with exclusive ingredients are treated like they’re am entire rarity better than everything else. Nothing should be too weak, and nothing should be OP.


My bad i mean Deinocheirus is globalScreenshot_2020-12-28-07-14-37-27_b28dedee7c8f9a43c77674d98307ea44

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Yes I agree but what I’m saying is the way the game is rn that not really the case. I agree even something like maxima or Gemini that super hard to make shouldn’t be god-tier broken but it should be the best of it class at least the finish line you try’s don’t reach after hunting and playing a such. That basically how every game like this in the history of ever has been. You have a base thing then, you upgrade and then upgrade till you can not more and from there use that as you see fit. That’s what uniques and apex’s should be the finish line. From there the play can choose what they wanna use. Can they use stuff like indo and thor of course but it’s there gonna not be as good as say something like magnapyritor or trykosaurus that involves more work and resources but do the same job. So the reward should be that there better but again it shouldn’t be by much but it should be noticeable. Rn though a lot of those that should be better aren’t and those that shouldn’t be as good are

Ex: Monolometrodon and magnapyritor; utarinex and erlikospxs;