How strong all uniqes should be based on the, the harder to get the better it should be rule(high effort)

I can get behind that. I guess I’m not saying that obtainability shouldn’t be considered, only that it should be weighed appropriately relative to other factors (like rarity).

Which is what @Fico was describing at least by what ludia has said. The rarity still matters like rares and epics shouldn’t be even close to uniques and apexs, (suchotator, thylacotator and sarcorixis, entelochops ). So then after you base on rarity and what hype of hybrid (super or regular) then you can bring in components and how hard it is to make.

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For that is suggested this based also on some tips form Ludias battle screens.

Common < rare< epic < rare hybrid < epic hybrid< legendary hybrid = epic super hybrid < legendary super hybrid [< ≈] unique super hybrid ≈ apex hybrid? Dino?

The from there the components come in

The thing is, Ludia is so inconsistent in their balancing, it’s pretty much impossible to draw lines between groups at this fine a level. They can’t even get it right at the level of simple rarity. And that’s before you even throw in class advantages.

I agree with this, and the original post. I was just saying that a lot of @Fico s balance descisions took other factors into account over obtainablity, which is how I think it should be.

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Ya but again nothing in life is easy a an old person told me, ludia at least ludia mods have said they trying to make it better for us in trek of communication and feedback. And Ludia if they do it right could achieve something like this but they just have to be smart about it for example don’t give a fierce creature that is immune to slow the ability to freaking heal and speed up past it counter looking at you trysor! It would just have to be a big update with precise attention to detail and if we the community can determine win rates, and make reworks you think a company who’s jib is to do the can’t ?

True I can some what agree with that.but I do think that it should be left a more a cherry on top sorta of thing cause too much would mess stuff up like giving one dino a distracting impact/ rampage with a one turn cooldown while everyone else has a two turn cooldown.

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I get that Thor is the only pure Fierce Unique, but make it better against resilients then, it doesn’t need DoT resistance of all things. It doesn’t really need swap-prevention resistance either.


Bro, do you know how the draco lineage is played? The cleansing impact is one of the most important things in their kit, don’t remove that,

And edom is a broken monster

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I think Thor needs a rebalancing, it’s good against what it’s supposed to lose to, and bad against what it’s supposed to win against, this is what should happen imo

It needs that speed to beat tryko and dio, that damage because allosino has it and how has no reason to have less damage, group shattering impact so it gains turn 1 raid viability back, fierce rampage so that it doesn’t have the broken group shattering rampage, and those resistances need to be gone because they make no sense


I don’t agree with all the modifications, but I do appreciate where they are coming from.

Why bust your ass to make a Smilonemys if you can just make a Monolometrodon in a fraction of the time? What’s the point of making creatures so hard to build if they aren’t worth the grind?


Because there are many scenarios where smilonemyes is much better than monolometrodon when it comes to team synergy and some of the matchups

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on grypolyth, i personally like dss instead of cleansing strike. it makes it better against tanky stuff, but worse against cunnings.

Tryko is fine imo.

for thor, id rather not see an increase in speed, but if she looses bleed resist i can deal with it.

and honestly i don’t think balancing based on exclusivity is going to work. not when Ludia doesn’t follow it half the time and when accessibility changes whenever they decide to.

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Accesebility hasn’t changed much recently exept for 2.0, and i don’t think i increased thors speed.

my bad. read the speed wrong on it.

It was just an example of most of the player base mentality. For players who aren’t endgame, it doesn’t matter what kind of synergy you try if you’re just going to get overwhelmed by easy to make beasts like that.