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How Strong Is A LV 40 Ophiacomimus Hybrid?

Where would it go sorted by Ferocity? It’s attack stat is insane for its rarity and I’ve already got a LV 10.

i think it’s between 1600 hp and 800+ attack…

You can check it out in @Mary_Jo’s spreadsheet.

Also, I would advice that you concentrate these queries in one thread than making so many since it’s all related to your Lineup.

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Just below the level 20 VIPs

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FYI, you’re better off going for Segnosaurus if you have it unlocked. Level 30 Segnosaurus has 200 less health, but almost same attack as level 40 Ophiacomimus with over 3 hour less cool down.

It has 1622 health and 844 attack. It costs 7,560 Dna, so maxing out one costs you the astounding number of 52,920 Dna if you buy seven.