How strong is Spinoconstrictor

In the 1.12 we got a new unique (wich no one have because one of this components is a FREAKING EXCLUSIVE) the Spinoconstrictor (or Spinoboa)

Stats :
HP : 3600
DMG : 1200
Speed : 122
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 10%

Moves :
Pinning strike
Precise Rampage
Exploit wound

Passives :
Wounding counter
Immune to Distraction
On escape dodge

For you how strong is Spinoconstrictor ?

  • Tyrant
  • High Apex
  • Mid Apex
  • Low Apex

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I say mid to high just cause of the current meta

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It beats a nice amount of top tiers but all of em already have a solid amount of counters so…

Yeah, looks lovely but too many immune to be tyrant. Has serious potential with a meta shift, but still looks good.

Wait until grypo becomes everyone’s toy, then ludia will bait your boost with this thing in everyone’s face. Geminititan is the safest bet at this very moment.

Low damage, low health, low use for DoT, low apex.


If it had better hp I’d put it in high honestly. First turn rampage that’s precise, sidestep, and immunity to distraction would be scary if this thing had like 4.5k hp

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Give it 20% critical chance as well 1400ish damage with around 4500 health as you mentioned. Wounding counter doesn’t do any damage if I’m not mistaken.

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Honestly I think that why it has low health cause the fact you get hit with .33 bleed every turn mean all it needs to do is survive three turns and your dead plus sidestep having low health makes sense. You can’t have it just have 4,800 or like 4K hp

Same with it’s hybrid dilophaboa that fact it has gets lower health again makes sense it distracts and licks you everytime you hit it so of course you can’t have it have the same health as titanoboa it’s just common balance really


Wounding counter is a worse grc and tarkus and purrut both have 3.9k hp lol. At least give it that much so it doesn’t become a sitting duck if it’s against an immune

Compare to Tarkus and Grypo, even for a counter attack dino Spino has low health


Boa and boa gen two makes sense no counter and no dodge so they deserve high hp to do there job and survive

Still it’s bleed :drop_of_blood: and it dodges 100% and has exploit wound which makes the target take 50% more damage and another bleed stacked

That better than gyrpo or rexs counter

Basically if the opponent is not immune to DoT, Constrictor is strong. If the opponent is immune, Constrictor is screwed.


It does have a fatal counter against non immunes, but the meta we’re in is all about cleansing and immunity. Some of the best creatures have evasive effects, but its low damage makes the precise rampage ineffective to almost useless against the super boosted Erlidominus and Indoraptors.

Maybe I’m just being too negative about it, and Spinoconstrictor is actually really good. Let’s just wait until Ludia lets Titanoboa out of its cage and free to the world for us to hunt.

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True still this e would be it’s counters right anything immune or faster than it so it makes sense

Well but the problem it’s not good in the meta, we have a few dinos who are immune and definite moves, compare to Max and Gemini wich are viable in almost every scenarios Spino is only used to bleed, dodge and hurt dodge dinos with PR but it’s more a situational dino honestly even if he can dodge and bleed, Nemys can cleanse and bypass dodge, the only creatures who are weak against it are Tryko, Dio and maybe Indo g2. These guys are good and strong but can counter only 3 dinos and be reckt by every dinos make it bad actually in the meta.

Lol bleed is terrible for this meta. Only reason thylaco is great is cuz of the high hp,crit chance, and rt. Vexus is good only cuz of immunity

Well ya the the weaknesses of anything with bleed and low attack in there kit like tator, thylo, stygidaryx, spxs, spino, etc

But isn’t spino also immune to distraction