How Strong Should Mega-Hybrids be?

By which I mean super hybrids being hybridized with other creatures. For instance, Ankylodactylus. Personally I think it’s justifiable how strong it is, considering it’s a mega-hybrid and all, but needs a slight bit of toning down due to Cunning-resilient being the best dual-class in the game.


I think they should be decently strong, but not by a huge amount if you know what i mean. I just dont think flocks should be able to put shields up since resilients have no way of getting through it. Might change now with the new taco legendary and mole rat.

But the unqiues i think need to be stronger, i still think albertospinos is on the weaker side and troodoboa im not sure on im sure someone will know, who uses troodoboa and see if the buff massively helped it.

Apexs im unsure of, they were a great f2p idea but they turned that pay to win becoming fusible and they have at least 1 apex in the shop every week for 15000 cash.

Can confirm, TBoa’s buff was excellent for it. That being said, Albertospinos certainly needs to be better, at least better than Albertocevia (which can’t really happen unless or hopefully until it gets toned down, but I digress).


Thats good, troodoboa does seem good on paper. Havent faced one yet tbh. Like the meta atm is just sad to look at.
Like all you face atm is those 7

Simple answer is that, like any hybrid, mega-hybrids should be reasonably powerful, not overtly so.

I keep seeing arguments about how something being hard, or being a hybrid of a hybrid, should therefore justify its’ strength, but the problem with that argument is that the creatures in question tend to not have easily exploitable weaknesses, possess abilities that let them circumvent said weaknesses, or have kits that let them easily bring down their own counters (it’s absurd that Skoonasaurus has any Swap Prevention Resistance and can practically bring down any Fierce Creature that has any less than 6,000 health without relying on Distracting Impact, and that’s if Skoona doesn’t crit).

And even then, I feel like creatures aren’t as hard to get as they once were, at least if you’re in an alliance that knows how to manipulate the sanctuaries. Then there may as well be practically no such thing as event exclusive creatures, because of how easy it is to just farm DNA for said creatures and their hybrids and mega-hybrids.