How Stygidaryx could be reworked

Keeping it’s purpose as a bleeder though

Hp: 4500
Attack: 1100
Speed: 129
Armor: 0%
Crit Chance: 5%


Shielding Strike
Cleanse and Swoop
Defense Shattering Rampage
Instant Invincibility

Swap in Wound

What do you guys think?


that would make him a beast in my opinion


The rework was designed to give it more survivability, while also fixing his flaw of not doing enough damage since his only damage move was superiority strike. Defense Shattering Impact (from Darwez) would be upgraded to Defense Shattering Rampage to help it deal damage. Shielding strike and instant invincibility give it extra survivability, and Cleanse and Swoop would let it bypass Swap in Wound’s bind and stack with it as well, allowing it to bleed more than Lethal Wound

The only ACTUALLY GOOD birb


that change would be awesome

Really, I think it’s pretty solid the way it is now. It plays a unique but effective role and I like that. I’d just up it’s health a good bit more and maybe shielded deccel strike for superiority strike.

It’s not that solid, swap-in invincibility is useless against like half its fellow uniques, its bleed doesn’t work on immunes so even if it shields against the Indominus line, it can’t take them down effectively. Magna is this bird’s worst nightmare. Immune and can shield break. Plus, its stats are way too weak for it to take a hit, or give a decent one. Theoretically, its attack stat should have minimal impact, but when its only direct damage move is its strike, you have a problem. And once you use your valuable wounding moves, your opponent can just swap in something new and clean house.

This bird could use a lot of work… It has a lot of possibility and can be fun to use, but for as much trouble as it is to create, there’s very little payoff, which you can say for half the uniques and all the birds in this game. I guess you could use it to take out the hadrosaur uniques, but Tuora is unpopular too because of it’s own weaknesses, and Tenrex would probably still kick Daryx to the curb with that DSR.


I’m close to making Stygidaryx, so any upgrades would be awesome

My version from my rework topic