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How sustainable is farming Frostsilver Mines?

Starting this thread because while I have a very small sample size ATM, thought I might get more from the community.


  • Team is Mage 10, Cleric 10, Warlock 10, Bard 8(to finish all 4 types quest and level up the bard)
  • Items for all characters are epic or legendary
  • I will always pick epics over anything else, the mroe epics the better.
  • Second place is Gems (any number), last is Gold, unless there’s none of the above and then I’ll get rares or whatever is offered.
  • Secret rooms: Increase the variance in quite a few levels so will be counted without their rewards.

So far, in the past 10 runs:

  1. 2*epic (Tommen armor)
  2. 500 gold
  3. 4*epic (Calliope pants)
  4. 30 Gems
  5. 500 gold
  6. 2*rare (pretty worthless)
  7. 3 gems twice = 6 Gems
  8. 4* epic (Calliope pants)
  9. 2*epic (Tommen armor)
  10. 4* epic (Calliope pants)
  • 2 secrets rooms

Summary: 16 Epics, 1,000 gold (exactly to cover my costs), 36 Gems. Seems like I was pretty lucky, but that’s why statistics with less than 30 sample size are hardly worth anything. I’d like to get more results, will update here whenever I get 10 more.

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Hey Gil_Goren_Shimoni, thanks for this information! :mag_right:

You were lucky on all the epic… Farmed as well,2x or 3x /day . Buffed my tommen (upgraded epics) & made my coin back over totality of gold. Key is the need for epic gear… consider cost of gear using duran as benchmark…if the epics loot isn’t what you need or want… then all those roles runs are wasted or at a loss (gems bad gear). So once my gear was better I quit farming it.

Well, I just got to a point where I had over 20K gold, and FSM is the only challenge I can complete all 9 levels in (still die at the 3rd iteration of the boss in HF and room #7, max #8 in HSM when every creature one shots my characters), it’s just someone posted “How Sustainable is it Farming Sharpstone Keep?” and I felt like sharing more information for when you’re at a slightly higher level and SSK rewards just aren’t enough.
If and when my best team will be able to clear HF I’ll likely move to checking how sustainable it is (seems likely,since simply by looking at prizes you can easily notice that 2 runs there bring you more rewards than 2 runs at Frostsilver while costing the same gold)

If the epics aren’t what you need or want you just have to wait for them to come up in the durnan card sale, they’re worth 500 gold each… But I guess gems are more valuable for you anyway. I got Callioppe’s pants from rank 1 to rank 4 just by these runs (and a few before where I got the pants whivh actually had a great deal in making me start this experiment)

Stage 2: 10 more runs. Former rules apply:

  1. 3 Gems
  2. 12 Gems
  3. 3 Gems
  4. 2*Epic (Namolen item - alchemy kit)
  5. 150 Gold
  6. 80 Common (worthless)
  7. 12 Gems
  8. 3 Gems
  9. 200 Gold
  10. 200 Gold
  • 2 Secret rooms again

Summary: Considerably worse than last time, 2 Epics, 550 Gold (only covering slightly more than half the costs), 33 Gems. Completely worthless runs remains at 1/10, but I guess the more runs I get the more gains will balance (getting 16 epics last time was pretty lucky, getting only 2 this time was pretty unlucky). Getting ~30 Gems seems standard.
More update tomorrow! getting to 30, where normal distribution starts kicking in!

TL:DR - Yes, it is sustainable and then some, providing you can always complete all the rooms.

Stage 3: 10 more runs (I will call them “the great gem runs”):
Changed the Bard for the Fighter (level 8) since I got Bard to level 9, Plus I have a 650 melee attacks quest:

  1. 12 Gems
  2. 20*rare (still pretty worthless until I get to sell some, I think it was the mage mask)
  3. 30 Gems
  4. 6 Gems
  5. 500 Gold
  6. 20*rare (same one as before)
  7. 500 Gold
  8. 12 Gems twice = 24 Gems
  • 1 secret room. I can safely say returns are ~240 gold from each such room not including items, which are usually worthless.

Summary: Not a single epic :frowning: , 1,000 Gold (exactly to cover my costs again), 72(!) Gems. Also 20 rares, which is the 19’s reward and is featured but is worthless to me, twice.

Would ceraintly like either getting 18 or 20 and not 19 twice, but all in all I got 100% of my gold back if I count in the secret rooms, had one insane epic run and one insane gem run, so it sems like it was worht is so far, which means i’ll probably continue doing it for a while, until I’m certain my team can 100% of the times beat the 3rd iteration of HF, which will probably make me start a new thread.

I’ve done some math on this and your experience seems to hold up fairly well. My only suggestion is to figure the gold value of gems before picking gems over gold every time. I find a 20 gold to 1 gem ratio is very helpful.

Here’s the math. An explanation of the calculations and terms as well as some insights into prioritizing choices can be found here.

{20}(n=1): 4 epics * 3/20 = 0.6 epics/run
{18}(n=2): 2 epics * 3/8000 * (19^2 + 1) = 0.2715 epics/run
{16}(n=3): 30 G * 20 gp/G * 3/8000 * (18^2 + 2) = 73.35 gp (3.66 G)
{17}(n=4): 500 gp * 3/8000 * (17^2 + 3) = 54.75 gp
{11}(n=5): 12 G * 20 gp/G * 3/8000 * (16^2 + 4) = 23.4 gp (1.17 G)
{12}(n=6): 200 gp * 3/8000 * (15^2 + 5) = 17.25 gp
{6}(n=7): 6 G * 20 gp/G * 3/8000 * (14^2 + 6) = 9.09 gp (0.4545 G)
{7}(n=8): 100 gp * 3/8000 * (13^2 + 7) = 6.6 gp
{1}(n=9): 3 G * 20 gp/G * 3/8000 * (12^2 + 8) = 3.42 gp (0.171 G)
{2}(n=10): 50 gp * 3/8000 * (11^2 + 9) = 2.4375 gp

So one could expect to earn, on average, 0.8715 epics, 81.035 gold and 5.4555 gems (Equivalent to 109.11 gold) per run. You might not always break even on gold, but you’ll more than make up for it in gems and epics.

Thanks for the math. I also noticed it was not using sampe size, though.
20 gold to 1 Gem is exactly the 500 Gems gold bundle, but Gems are more versatile (can be used to buy packs, pay for events, etc.) So I prefer Gems most of the time. It’s true, when I get offered the 500 gold it takes me a moment, but I still end up taking the gems every time (don’t remeber if I ever had it together with only 3 gems, though)

The reason I do it this way is twofold:

  1. It makes for an easily explained rule, instead of “sometimes I take gems and sometimes gold”
  2. I started running it when I had 24k gold and a lot less gems. Since then (partly because of being able to upgrade more epics) I’m down to 17k Gold and over 2k Gems, so I might alter the rule slightly in the future just to make sure I still have enough to upgrade items.

I find some people have a hard time with math, and probability is at times counter-intuitive (I, sadly, had far too many courses regarding statistics in my studies, so I get it, but I know for a fact some people don’t, or prefer not to get into it). That means posting actual results might be easier to grasp. So what I do here is:

  1. Track my results
  2. Possibly aiding the decision of other people debating whether to farm Frostsilver
  3. Attempt to refute the highly active thread of “weighted dice?” and that can’t be done using statistics.

And those three things are my goals.

Daily update: Run #4 - The great epic heist

  1. 2 Epic
  2. 4 epic twice = 8 Epic(epic!)
  3. 12 Gems
  4. 3 Gems
  5. 30 Gems
  6. 100 Gold
  7. 4 Epic
  8. 12 Gems
  9. 500 Gold
  10. 20 rare (worthless)
  • 3 Secret rooms this time, I’d like to correct my fromer statement and secret rooms are more around ~230 gold on average

Summary: 14 Epics, after 2 dry runs my rewards are back with a vengeance, 57 Gems and 600 gold, again not enough to cover my costs unless you dount the secret rooms *which I do, obviously, gold is gold no matter how you get it)

TL;DR - Final post, I highly recommend farming this challenge as long as you can achieve 3 dice every time.

Double (and final) post, weekend brought me up 20 runs, for a total of 50 since I started keeping record:

Run #1

  1. 2 Epic
  2. 12 Gems
  3. 2 Epic
  4. 4 Epic
  5. 6 + 6 = 12 Gems
  6. 4 Epic
  7. 12 Gems
  8. 500 Gold
  9. 4 Epic
  10. 4 Epic

Run #2

  1. 2 Epic
  2. 4 Rare (worthless)
  3. 500 Gold
  4. 4 Epic
  5. 12 Gems
  6. 6 Gems
  7. 2 Epic
  8. 500 + 500 = 1000 Gold
  9. 6 + 6 = 12 Gems
  10. 6 Rare (worthless)

Total for 2 sets: 26 Epics, 54 Gems, 2000 Gold (exactly to cover costs), 2 worthless runs (average on all accounts remains pretty steady)
The amount of epics brought me to a point where my Bard’s epic pants are just as good stat-wise as the Legendary I just got (traded it for the ability, but still)

Next thread just might be me attemting to run Hidden Forge, and then we’ll see how much the 100% randomized attacks of the boss prevent me from getting 3 dice consistently.