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How sustainable is farming Harvestshield Mountain?

Reason for starting this thread is exactly the same as This one with a few slight differences.

Side note: Not going to try to do the same in Hidden Forge anytime soon, since while I can easily get to the 3rd boss every time, the fact he has no apparent pattern to attacks makes facing him basically rolling the dice, unlike the dragon which I only need 1 character to survive in order to 100% win.

Problems are as follows:

  1. Can’t really use my B team to clear it atm, despite my B team all being level 10, they’re just missing the damage/survive abilties of my A team. They definitely can’t complete all 3 iterations every time
  2. As my A team isn’t 100% there either and monsters at room #8 have a tendency to one shot any character if they only get the chance, I sometime don’t get to the 3rd iteration of the dragon and missing the 3rd die obviously changes statistics.
  3. Despite having quite a stock of Gold (around 60K right now) 250 gold per run is not small sum for a run you’re not sure you;re going to cpmplete, and the fact these runs take a whole lot longer than FSM ones (dancing the 3rd time with Argathakul takes a while until she gets tired) makes 10 runs a day a lot more challenging.

That means this thread more than before, I hope to get some community reports of HSM runs and what did you get from it. I’ll start with my past 2 ones:

Team: Tommus, Halbenet, Shavearith, Callioppe. All of them have their legendary weapons at level 1, Shevarith also has Legendary pants and headdress.Everything else is epic at varying levels.

  1. 15 Gems (was also offered 1250 gold but passed, might not in the future)
  2. 10 Epic (Namolen’s elixir)

A little disappointed for no replies (despite 2 likes, thanks btw), also a little disappointed that I found out after keeping a list I actually fail to get 3 dice almost half the time, mostly depends how insane room 8 is. Here are my 10 first results anyway (first 2 listed above as well)

  1. 15 Gems (got offered 1250 gold as well)
  2. 10 Epic
  3. 1250 Gold
  4. 2 epic (2 dice)
  5. 5 Rare (utterly worthless, 2 dice)
  6. 125 Gold (2 dice)
  7. 15 Gems (2 dice)
  8. 10 Epic
  9. 75 Gems
  10. 4 epic

All in all, pretty good turnout, and if only I has taken gold instead of gems on the first run I’d return my investment with a little change, plus 26 epics and 90 gems which is quite a lot. What I experienced before with FSM, a batch of 10 runs can suddenly become great with a single good result, it’s just that more rpevalent when you can sudenly get 10 epics in a single run (or moreif you;re really lucky and get 19 twice).

You already have my respect and I’m traveling. Since I’ve finished the explore mode I’m not longer as interested in the game and just play it to maintain chests and execute quest events. I’ve never farmed challenges, not my thing, unless quest requires it.

There are a few regulars here who I admire, you’re one.

Thanks, that’s really nice to hear. I could just review it for myself in a chart on my phone or computer, but sharing findings with the community is just a tad more effort and I know I’d like to get this info before actually spending resources and find it’s worth it.

I think with sharing your invaluable information you do it in good grace. Lots of players will benefit, not many are active. Or you can check the discord out it might get you more like minded gamers. @retsamerol is pretty awesome too, with his stats and contributions.

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A short answer to your question, and for any others who are asking if it’s sustainable to farm any other dungeons in the game, the answer is YES with 1 condition:

  1. You are able to farm the dungeon and clear all 3 dice

If you feel that you are at a dungeon where you’re getting 3 dice half the time do the previous one till you get more gear and level them up a bit. Once you can comfortably clear 3 dice ANY dungeon is sustainable. You always get more in return then what it costs to enter the dungeon, I’ve posted a thread while back containing data / dice rolls from running healrtcoil deeps 100 times:

Just a question but why would you take 15 gems over 1250 gold. It costs 60 gems just to get 1000. Nm I just finished reading the rest of he post

I recommend to just go for 2nd boss or try dragon stage if you can’t win 90% smoothly. 2 dices still return you enough and the time cost is half or less.

If you still want to try, here is my team suggestions:

  • All epic armor 5+ or legendary amor +(~2500 Hp+)
  • Halbenet:
    epic Item 5+,
    epic weapon 7+(hard to get but it make halbenet immortal in boss fight)
  • Farideh:
    legendary weapon 2+ or rare push 7+,
    rare helmet 7+ ( great debuf skill for both boss and monster fight)

That is 2 core positions, the last 2 two I will use sevarith/saavin/calliope. Useful gear:

  • Sevarith:
    epic helmet 3+,
    epic pant 3+,
    rare book 7+
  • Calliope:
    rare stun weapon 10+ or rare push 7+ or legendary 2+,
    epic helm 3+
  • Saavin:
    common pant 9+(~tripple team dmg again boss),
    epic helmet 1+

Haven’t used tommus so no advise. With that team, I completed not only hidden forge but also dragon boss (80% smoothly)

Thanks for the suggestions. I use Shevarith, Halbenet, Callioppe and Tommus becuase I have the legendary weapon for all 4 and some smattering of other legendaries. Can’t really get my epics to incredibly high levels. I might try some of the rare build you offered though.

Not all legendary gear are good, 25% chance thingy is not reliable. Epic is easiest gear to get, I think

Great topic/post
Ill try to add my runs here so you can add data.
Using tommus, halbernet, mage and warlock
All except lock lv 10, lock is 9.
90% able to get 2 dice, newer gotten past room 8.

5 runs:
30 gems
150 commons
8 gems ( 1 dice, rolled a 1)
60 gems (2x11)
10 epics

Updating after some time when I couldn’t. some RL stuff left me less time to do this, but still, 10 more runs:

  1. 1 Epic
  2. 10 Epic
  3. 15 Gems (2 dice)
  4. 8 Gems (2 dice)
  5. 5 Rare (Boooo!)
  6. 4 Epic (2 dice)
  7. 8 Gems
  8. 8 Gems
  9. 5 Rare
  10. 1 Epic

Somehow did not get a single gold reward, would mind it more if I wasn’t much more interested in practically anything but gold. I changed Tommen for Raika and that may have helped me get all 3 dice more consistently (her disarm for 2 turns really helps against rooms 7-8 monsters).

Thanks @Rawlpluks, I will add your score, seems like you were pretty lucky gem wise! Good for you!