How sustainable is farming Sharpstone Keep?

When looking for ways to grinding up, I’ve started thinking of farming Sharpstone Keep (first challenge)
Since I can consistently get 3 reward dice, I’ve decided to put it to the test and play it 20 times (3rd die = d20)

Since I wanted consistency in my cashflow, I’ve decided to take gold above all (unless there is an epic…)
These are the results:
20x play = -1000 gold
4: 50 gold
1: 150 gold
1: 200 gold
1: 100 gold (2x 50gold combined)
2: 4x epic (justicer’s coronet - farideh head)
1: 40x common (sharp curve - farideh sword)
1: 3x gem
1: 9x gem
4: 10x rare (bone hatchets - ranger sword)
1: 2x rare (dwarven blades - naomlen rogue sword)
1: 100x common (ring of wondrous life: 2x50 combined - halbenet jewel)
1: 30x common (coils of the enraged snake - raika armour)
1: 3x rare (thief’s cap - naomlen head)

1: secret room: 85 gold + 17 common items

This means that I paid 265 gold for 8 epic items, 45 rare items, 187 common items and 12 gems.
With those 12 gems I could play the event challenge (double coin return) twice, which netted me another whopping 4500 gold.

That alongside the 1k xp for the heroes makes farming definitely worthwhile when you hit another one of those walls so you need to start grinding (once you can 3 dice it)


Thank you for the research!!

This was very useful to me. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the info.

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I don’t have crazy detailed numbers but I’ve been farming sharostone keep for the last 6 days and I’m surplus 13k gold and 1100 gems from what i started with.
Disclaimer: I’m VIP subbed


Thanks for sharing. I really liked your post so I decided to try the same experiment with frostsilver mines. Here’s what i got:

3x 2 epic barbarian chest item
1x 8 epic barbarian wondrous item
3x 6 gems
2x 18 gems
8x 100 gold
2x 300 gold
1x 500 gold

1 secret room with 192 gold and 34 common cleric items.

It cost me 2000 gold.

I made: 92 gold, 54 gems, 14 epic items and 34 common items


My squad is all L11 and I grind Sharpstone. Simple return on investment analysis. Can clear Sharpstone in under 4 mins, max well under 5 mins, depending on team members. Only costs 50g. With occasional VIP cards, easily earn more gold than spent. Frostsilver takes twice as long, but doesn’t grant twice the xp, only 83 vs 52 from Sharpstone. Hidden Forge gets you over 100xp, but takes 20mins and isn’t guaranteed. Team structure matters in Forge and things can still go sideways with bad luck, which this game seems to supply alot of for me. Harvestshield is definitely team dependent and, at 11, I can only reliably grind first two bosses. Mob level jumps up to 14/15 after that and team always dies in 9th or 10th room. Sharpstone is worry-free and best ROI.

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Not claiming to be an expert, but challeneges seem to only be worth it when you can guarantee getting all 3 reward dice, and there’s a huge gap between challenges (been clearing sharpstone with all dice for quite a while now, still having a hard time clearing the 3rd level of frostsilver and even the second of hidden forge)

P.S. the above only applies for F2P, I believe it’s much more worth it if you’re VIP, but not planning on ever being that.

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