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How the bleep do I Make a Sushotator Now?


So now that I’m out of Arena 2 and can no longer acquire the Irritator, which is an Arena 2 exclusive, how am I supposed to finish this guy? I have him at 90 percent complet. He seems to only be available in the Arena 2 incubators. This Irritator guy is IRRITATING as all get out.


You continue to get him in higher level Arena rewards.

He just starts to appear from Arena 2 onwards.


Ok. Being that it says Arena 2 “Exclusive” you would think he is exclusive to that particular arena. But I’ll keep an eye out and hope your right :slight_smile:


I had the same panic over the level 1 Dino’s because I skipped the volcano level so fast. Seem to be getting DNA from the previous level in the current incubators though


Yeah, in like every 3-hour incubator I get some IRRITATOR DNA. The suchomimus is not hard to find, and combine that with tons of IRRITATOR supply, you’ll have it in no time. Really good against velociraptor and friends, use Instant Cripple and then Lethal Wound, and repeat and Raptor is gone.


I’ve seen them out and about. Just walk through different areas of town and fingers crossed, you’ll see one.