How the Community Can Start Effecting the Roster of the Games in the Future!


This is mainly for JWA but this goes for all of your games. In the poll, you asked what we cared about regarding to the dinosaurs. Two of the choices being:
-Relevance to the series
-Your Favorites

With dinosaurs instead of creating the dinosaurs and modeling them where you don’t know how the community will react to the dinosaurs picked/designs of said dinosaurs, possibly you can let fans on here give criticism on the design. These could include:

-Creature over All

This would make it so the community doesn’t react badly to the creature, which could cause a redesign. You could host polls where people choose the hybrid/ creature they would want most out of a list. You could also one a month, ask the fans what creatures/ hybrids they want along with the design/ stats of those creatures.

This would be an amazing way how to handle the roster of the game so the community doesn’t hate the designs like in JW:TG. It’s played by fans so why not have the fans have a choice in what goes into their game? I assure that you would have a highly diverse roster if you did this featuring dinosaurs that no one knows about but still deserve a place in a game.


Used to play a game called Naval Action. Its a game about sail ships and battling with them. The devs made a poll in which they offered various ships they wanted to make (about 10). In the end the community voted and one ship won; 3 months later the ship was done and went in-game. They decided the stats and everything; but the community had the power to tell them “hey, we want THAT specific ship”. It was perfect for the community (or at least the ones who voted for the winning content). Its the classic example of the lays chips “come up with your own taste” event. Bicky chips is pretty legit.

In general also more insight on the things they are working on would be helpfull. Naval action had a road map as well. An other game called Foxhole had imo the best communication ever. Almost every week we got treated with pictures of content they were working on and art work of ideas they had in mind. Now both the game that is existing and the game that is being produced created hype. I think thats one piece of the puzzle JWA is still missing… Eco global survival did and still does it as well, its so lovely how they involve their community in their development. A lot of those smaller companies are trying to push out so much content, its amazing.

But going in the right direction; like the featured event dinosaurs and the FB post about it. We know what we can expect, just not when exactly. The ‘reveal’ of Blue,… PoGo is also finally going in the right direction but once again; they still are refusing to fully listen to the community which is a shame really. If you tell your audience 1000x you are going to include PvP ‘at some point’ and never make it clear; you know they aren’t listening and dont care. Dont promise what you can’t deliver #nomanssky. Im glad more responses from mods and devs are seen on the forum, really appreciate it! Its nice to see them say ‘they are reading it’ but imo i’d love to see more responses. Communication is so important nowadays… especially fast communication. that and creating a close community by involving the fans, players. We also have a classic JWA example now: the event outrage. If they had created the poll first and asked everyone “hey what do you guys think?” they shouldn’t have made the 12h change in the first place but instead already worked on the 24h change we have now. It could’ve been delivered yesterday, for example.
Create a road map, create a poll for featured dinosaurs next week (or just one, you know, wednesday = choose your dinosaur day), create a poll to vote for our favorite dinosaur you want to make,… The list is endless really.


I wish I could directly mention the devs so they could see this.