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How the critical works?


I know that creatures has a % to get a critical impact, but how much damage has a critical and how is determinated?

For example Spinotasuchus at lvl 26 has base damage 1270 plus 1,5 of the skill critical impact deals 1905 damage, and how much damage deal with chance of crit?


If it “Crits” you get 50% more damage (multiply by 1.5). Your example of Spinotasuchus using Critical Impact will do 1.5 damage and if it Crits then times that by 1.5 again (this is 2.25 times the base damage and in the case of Spinotasuchus L26 does 2857 damage).
FYI: Impact is 1.5 damage
Rampage is double damage and Crutical just increases the likelihood of getting a critical hit.


great, i didn’t have idea of the critical chance is 1.5 thanks :smiley: