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How the heck did Pterovexus become high apex?

Someone please explain lol

Probably that hypnotizing crest.


If I understand it correctly, they are figured using a simulator that plays matches with everything at L26, no boosts - so basically it is rather meaningless.

It got a pretty significant HP at attack buff this time around that lets it survive in more situations and might even get the chance to swap in and out more than once.

And the tier list isn’t 100% based on simulator results @Tuco. We sometimes use that to help with our discussions but we actually vote and discuss to determine the tiers. It is considered at lvl 26 and no boosts so you are correct on that.


Good to know - thanks for the further info. And I don’t mean to sound dismissive, so I hope you don’t take offense.

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None at all! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very interested. Are you allowed to state how it does matchup wise, or is that something youre saving for the tier list explanation

Honestly, no offence but this is the worst tier list ever done. So much is wrong.

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There’s no “wrong” or “right”, just your opinion and theirs… Personally I think this is one of the best, if not the best tier list.


Indeed. Given the simulators, and the general expertise of an entire team of high level players that have been playing the game for a long time, I’d definitely say this tier list is well grounded. More so than the average Joe’s take at least.

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Vex actually doesn’t do well in the simulator at all. Which is why never rely 100% on it. Creatures with swap in and swap out move (and Vex has both) don’t do as favorably because the sim is only 1v1 and doesn’t actually swap to a new creature. But we do plan on releasing more articles highlighting the Tyrant creatures and others that moved tiers to show matchups and other information about them.

In that case, im interested to see why we thought Vexus was high apex this time around, as the birds dont usually do too well

Agreed. I think many people tend to forget these lists are based on a level playing field. They may “feel” wrong to you, if you’re used to running into a few overpowered dinos or if you’re in different trophy ranges. I’m sure all those lvl 20 Sinos must feel like tyrants when your team average is 10, just as a Draco-bomb of 4K damage is much more lethal than the stock 2440. And that’s not even to mention play style. Some people will just load up on tanks, others on the swappers, etc… Just because it ain’t your cup of tea doesn’t make it wrong.


Current boosts in its current incantation still have a powerful influence on the meta.
The tier list will become more apparent once the reset happens.

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Id argue that the reset is gonna make a tier list less relevant not more… right now with the current situation we have a game were in the end everything becomes equal.

With boosts 2.0 that will no longer be the case. Me and you could run the same exact team lvl 30 and have no two dinos with equal stats.

It might be a tool for what your team needs to be… but its also gonna be room for a counter meta fueled by boosts thats gonna determine your win/loss rate more then anything…