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How the heck does the 20/40 system work?

Can someone explain to me why:

  1. I got matched against this guy in the aviary? My current score is low and my team is no were near his.

  2. Why i lost more points that him after (obviously) loosing this match?



It’s likely because they dropped arenas so their trophy count at the time of the match was probably below yours significantly enough so that the power element of it didn’t make much difference.

But again no-one can tell 100% if the system is working because Ludia doesn’t let us see current trophy counts.

Don’t worry u will only loss 20

If he/she only lost 20 why would they be here questioning it?

I lost 31!!! not 20 to that team and now I don’t know how fair that it? Neither why I got matched with them in the first place.
Fyi that Lux had 8k health on it too

Yooohoooo, man.

That’s a big problem