How the local zones are determinated by ludia?

I think we all ready know that ludia works with google maps, but i’m wondering how ludia determinate the size of local zones and how to distribute that areas

the zones use the s2 cells like pokemon go does for weather. heres an helpfull article that explains these cells and also provides tools to help you pull up a map over your area. once you figure out where your cells line up, with a little work, you can actually make your own map of your area with each zone/cell.

you sure they use the s2 cells? @Pateradactyl
theres no size that works for anything around me within 20 km.
unless you make them so small that everything could work…

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i think its actually s 12 for weather in pogo with this tool press on the gps location button first. then locate yiur area on the map. now go back to the menu and change parameters to 12, 12 and i dont think the amount of cells matter so i keep it to 10. then choose the square tool and make a square over your playing area. this will generate the cells for your area.

then scout your area and fill in the cells like so untill you have your own map…

I understand how it works and did all of that already, its just doesnt fit anything in my region at all @Pateradactyl

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sorry i dont understand your issue.

scratch that ayways. i tried to get confirmation from metahub but they said they never found conclusive evidence to prove cells are used

well, the lines on the screen are in no way matchable with the zones around me


they could be two of the same zones side by side so im not sure what you mean.

no, the zones are entirely different shaped than anything that can be made with these shapes.
also the lines go like / for example when zones are like \

First of all in their algorithm they make sure everywhere I go often is zone 3.

For the rest of the world they don’t seem to use S2 cells, at least not their exact shape like afbakappeltaart said. I have a feeling their algorithm tends to use major roads as zone borders.

Then to finish up they make sure again I didn’t accidentally get something other than zone 3.