How the tournament should have been


Judging by the initial public opinion of the tournament launch, I think it’s safe to say that it’s not well-liked.

People are complaining about the top players getting rewards so good that they’ll stay strong forever, or getting smacked by uniques at 3500, or about their free incubators or even the fact that it seems spoofers are still around (even though they can’t earn rewards).

And while most of those are valid points, this is the one thing I think should have been done for this tournament…

Make it voluntary.

This tournament should have just had a battle bracket separate from standard PvP, where everybody starts at 0 and sees how far they can get.

Nobody would lose their progress and be sent to Sorna Marshes and weaker players would only have to deal with top 500 for a couple matches before they shot up the leaderboard. The way it is currently, anyone with a half decent team is stuck playing against level 21+ dinosaurs as they log in for the first time after reset.

I also don’t think a single player should be rewarded 1,000,000 coins and several thousand epic DNA, but that’s a different topic of discussion.

This tournament should have had a separate bracket, I think that would solve most of its problems.


I wish this would have gotten a little more attention, because I think it’s an easy solution, unfortunate.


Remember this is the first attempt at this for them and be glad it’s only a couple of weeks! I am sure the support line is swamped with complaints,ideas and probably even compliments! For all we know they may decide to use the JWTG format where tournaments are a separate event and only done once in a while!

Ludia will weigh the results of their experts on how the tournament format will effect the bottom line during it!

If their sales go up allot we are stuck with it! If sales are flat or go down it will change

Only time will tell

Trust me if only the top 500 are spending and not allot it’s not good for them

Considering there could be a million players


I agree with what you said about how much they received but that’s about it. If we had to choose to participate in the tournament then nobody really fights. You would need up sitting around for 5 to 10 min in order to find some one. This way it guarantees you a match.


Feel like we should periodically bump this thread just because of how legit it is.


Well that’s a good point but a longer queue time doesn’t seem like much of a price to pay when you consider all the threads about mid Sorna players getting stomped by all the high Ruins players they’re suddenly matched with.