How they did this


Update just finished 30 minutes ago but he already has 4500 trophies.

New tournament

See the moderator explanation in the tournament thread… those players haven’t rebooted their game yet. They’ll all be below or around 3500 once they log back in and reboot.


The scores are not going up. But it seems 99 percent of players would not of rebooted. Anyway we have their names.


That can’t be, unless they are winning 20+ battles in 30 minutes. There are now 15 players above 4,200. FederTheChief lost some points, so that means they are actively playing witout reset? Something seems fishy.


Just for the record 2 minutes after reset. 1 match for me I can believe 2 if raptor KOs.


Please explain to me how their are people at 4600 trophies already… I’m sorry but I’m not having that…

1100 trophies in 35 minutes
Even at 30 trophies a win
That’s a win a minute…

I’m sorry but this is shady


I am also curious to hear about it from Ludia support.


One of those guys near the top won within seconds of the game starting. I had barely picked out the 1st move. Dont tell me that “bad connection so AI takes over” - enough time hadnt passed for a game to be completed!


It’s already explained in the main topic… These are people who have not rebooted their game so it display their old trophies count.

The leaderboard will be fine in hours


See the following thread:


God guys calm down lol its just a glitch. Look for example. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon.


Only the legits my friend, only the legits


Thanks Katja… probably why they have 5000 trophies already because they instantly murdering people like me, lol.


Youre wrong, theyre losing and gaining trophies. The current leader has 4900 and is playing as we speak, I saw his trophies increase minutes ago.


Yup, I’ve been keeping track since the tournament started and some players gained about 1200 trophies in less than an hour. Is that doable? For those who are fighting, how is it so far? Any spoofers around?


No you’re wrong. My comment is 2 hours old, it was the case before. Don’t worry if there is something wrong with this player they will fix it. Assuming a battle is around 4 min, the trophies has been resetted to 3500 and a win bring you around 25 trophies and the tournament started 2h30 ago, the max trophy count should be around 4400 at the moment.

Once again there could be bugs with some accounts, as stated by Ludia CM.


How to explain this Then? I see people at 5k trophies Thats wierd when other people see 4.6k max?


Actually, and with all due respect, youre wrong. You said they just hadnt logged in yet to be reset but that is obviously not the case. It isnt hard to figure out that when you make an incorrect statement youre wrong… Is it?


It seems that it’s as hard as reading… Once again read my answer in context with the same due respect :wink:


Many of the top 50 have crappy teams which should stay around 4200 in old arena(out of top 500).
Will battle more and early give one advantage?