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How to 20/20 and 10/10?

Hi there everyone.

We are an alliance that is on the road of being more competitive whitout loosing the joy of the game. We want to reach better rewards and resources (like max level sanctuaries and Alliance incubators) but we don’t know how or what do we requiere, which level our new members requiere to enter on the alliance, how much do we have to play daily, etc. Can you “pros” send me tips or a guide (in the case of knowing that exist a guide for this) to become better? Thank you (and sorry for my english if a made lot of mistakes xd)

We all speak spanish but we can handle a bit on English.

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We all start somewhere. The first getting your alliance to delay gratification. So hold DBIs and incs from Sunday onwards if possible open for the new week. So assign someone to open the first 5 incs and 2 DBIs. Then 25 incs and 4 DBIs. That part will get smoother over the weeks.

Every member must be willing to cooperate and do at least 20 battles and 10 incs per day. The tournament helps as does friendly battles for battle quota. Incubators needs everyone to do arena and towers daily.

Exploration just needs everyone to use giga scent and spin stops.

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Oh thank you so much. I can imagine it but what is DBI? I mean the entire phrase cause i dont know xd

Daily Battle Incubator.

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Yes, im use to do that “job”. I always open the weekly alliance incubators and tell everyone to do not open their incs. OK so step by step it should be like this:
1: Sunday comes and i ask to everyone to not open the WAInc and reserve their sunday DBI for Monday.
2. Monday comes and the week restarts do i open my WAIncs?
3. Monday we open only 2 DBI and 5 inc (any kinf of inc i guess).
4. After that when i see how the level of the inc progress i ask to my members to open their 4 DBI and 25?

The weekly rewards you save up until tier 8 or tier 9 exploration then everyone opens. The leader and a few trusted few will open their reward immediately.

Ok they considere me as leader so ill do ti thank you ^^

hey @aruogo i need a better clan, i spent 10k money to create one but my isn’t good. Im a dailly player, if u r in a better clan, pls tell me, i need a better one.

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@LIED hi you should come to the ARK (Alliance Resource Korner). We help teams achieve the 10/10 alliance missions as well as reach max level sanctuaries.

I was struggling in my missions in my alliance and I was trying to organize my alliance to reach as high of a sanctuary as we could alone.

I joined the ARK and have been 10/10 for 14 consecutive weeks now and have had 2-3 level 20 sanctuaries each rotation.

I’ve learned a lot and picked up some great players along the way and made new friends. Joining ARK has changed my gaming experience.

Come check us out.

All are welcome to come join. You can find an alliance, bring your alliance, be friends, share tips and strategies, all kinds of stuff. Big family. Various languages and parts of the world.

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OH thank you im on my way. My nickname in JWA is Romerosaurio#9242

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