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How to Allot Coins?


Right now I’m in the awkward transition from Ruins to Lockwood. I can’t hold on to 4000 trophies for more than 2-3 matches. I realized that this is due to my low- level team. What is the wisest way to use my coins? I’ve kept a reserve of 100K coins, so is this the time to use them? Level up my team or make Unique Hybrids?


I would not leave Monostego under leveled. She is a beast when she is at or above 20.
Same goes with Tragod. Mine is level 22 and she can beat level 24 Stegod with ease(considering both opened the battle).
Leveling up Tryostronix is also a better choice. Once you get her to level 22, she would survive past 2nd hit and might able to take down the opponent and ready to make a 3rd hit(depends on match ups).

If I were you, I would level up these 3.

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And just for the comparison, here is my team deck.
I hover around 4400-4600.

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I would also add that id look at getting indo another level to be able go first against other 21 indos…

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