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How to balance maxima and tryko

I think tryko and maxima are too op right now, but I don’t want them to become irrelevant. They should still be relevant, but not to the point of being the only dinos which dominate the meta.

So instant Invincibility needs a nerf, like it only blocks for 1 turn. Make it like it used to be.

So for tryko, I think it needs to lose that counter. That counter is stupid, and it would be better to just have it’s old counter back. I also suggest nerfing it’s health by 100 points, not much. I would also suggest nerfing resilience as a whole, for example, instead of it removing dodge, it just is precise. superiority moves, shielded decel Strike etc should lose precise. So that would make tryko less op, but still good.

As for maxima, yea this one is even worse… Nerf it’s health to 5800, make its distraction resistance only 50%, nerf the crit chance to 20% and that’s enough.

What would you all do?


Even more than that, we need better Fierce creatures. Resilient already counters Cunning hard, Cunnings are excellent against Fierce, but the Fierce creatures just suck compared to Resilient ones. They should be countering them hard as well. Thor can’t 1v1 Maxima or Tryko, Magnapi can hardly do it against Tryko. Something needs to change with Fierce to make the whole rock paper scissor thing work.


My goodness okay I’m gonna say this just one more time… the COUNTER IS NOT THE PROBLEM! Like seriously where do people get this ideas that it’s the counter the the problem. Like it’s does only .5 damage, doesn’t cleanse anything, and only slows and nullifys when hit; yet everyone over looks the impact you know that slows, removes dodge and cloak, removes increase the only sure way to counter it, distraction.

Like put any distraction against it after it’s used that impact; the counter doesn’t nothing ground breaking and it stays distracted even though it’s faster; compare that to using a distractior when it has that impact available; you get hit with a full 1.5x damage


That would literally solve nothing; unless you either take away a rampage or lower it’s attack it’s still gonna absolutely steamroll thru anything in its path


Ya Thor can’t cause it’s a resilient-fierce; same as tryko and maxima so then it just comes down to stats and kit and ya it doesn’t do great in that department

Magna does beat tryko I think of it crits although I’ve defeated some without it but that cause it’s a Cunning-Fierce, which counter both of trykos and maximas classes; the only reason it doesn’t beat maxima is cause of stats and the fact that maxima just got buffed beyond belief.

And that slowing effect is the problem with the counter, remove that and it’s fine. Tryko doesn’t even need to use that impact move, it will always be faster and then it can kill all with rampage.

Maxima is not something that I’m struggling with. At some point it has to choose will it use slowing or will it attack. You can also bleed it now so countering maxima is easier than it has ever been. The reason why people are having issues against maxima is because it’s good in raids so people boost it to the sky and above and there is your problem again, boosts, not the dino.

You got to be joking right maxima is THE MOST BROKEN THING THE GAME HAS EVER SEEN. More than moth, more than rat in its hay day, more than even Geminititan, ya i said it 1.14 Geminititan < 2.0 maxima. It’s just absolutely broken, it has tow rampages that it can do back to back, it can slow, fo days, has a two attack blocking invincibility move. Also don’t even start with the whole, weLl yOu CaN bleed iT , ya we alll know that but guess what almost not bleeders besides thyla and maybe spinonyx even standing a chance or even being relevant in the meta. Plus good luck even being able to bleed it as most people just instantly switch to another dino before you even get a chance


Sure then it can just use its impact slow you kill you rinse and repeat once again missing the issue entirely

Nerf dodging creatures!
Nerf cloaking creatures!
Nerf speedboosts!
Also: tryko is a garbage unique make it great again!

Ludia: ok

Make up your minds… seriously. It’s a good counter for speedboosted cloaking and dodging monsters. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Only thing that needs a little attention is the two attack lasting invincibility for all creatures that have it available. Then again… there’s an instant distraction doing 100% nerf on any damage (except cleansing) so I guess that will be the next thing to start screaming about…


Wow, please tell us all the strategies you’re using against it… Because currently the only strategy in my book is being lucky enough to have a highly boosted bleeder in your 4 dinos… And sorry, but people are not boosting Maxima for the raids… They are boosting it because it’s the best dino in PvP, and at the same time, extremely useful in raids. Proof: Tuo is one of the most wanted dino in raids. Yet, even if many have boosted it, you don’t see it in 100% of the teams like you do for Maxima…


While i also see where you coming from tryko was never considered to be garbage i mean tyrant for almost rework year straight that impressive plus it had almost equal good and bad matchups. But now with the changing of its role they made it a bit op not as bad as maxima that it determines the whol match but it up there as #2

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And for maxima, come on its just sooo op like there is no beating around the bush with that.

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As for the Dentist the two attack invincibility makes it OP. And the crit rate is absolutely ridiculous… apart from that… I’m happy it’s no longer immune to everything

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Mine is boosted for raids only, it’s the most boosted dino on my team. Only because I haven’t figured out yet how I’m going to boost the rest of my team and if I get something else to team level since I finally have a chance to change my team thanks to boost reset.

Also seems like I don’t have to tell you any strategies, you figured that one out yourself, use bleeders.

My wife has started to play again and she is playing a very different team than most players, I asked her what is she struggling against and maxima wasn’t on that list. I have also had some talk in the alliance I’m in and some people do struggle against it, but that’s mainly blamed on level difference and boosts.

Wait, who said that? I don’t recall anyone asking for Tryko to have a boost before the update hit. As I recall she showed up on threads that were talking about strong but balanced creatures and was the most commonly used dino on top teams.


You want a clue?

+HP :+300hp
-speed: 108 -> 101
-Resilient impact -> fierce impact/group taunting shield strike
-medium resilient counter attack -> decelerating counter

Slower,cant pierce through cloak,can’t have speed counter exept in his counter,and more shield.
His kit rely about his design:
A chomper tank!He don’t need to have resilient:either your have resilience,either you have fierce.


2 choices:


-Speed 108-> 99/98
-Hp stay 6000
-Damage stay
-DSR -> taunting rampage/impact
-Crit -> 30-> 20%
-Remove swap prevention

Become the tankiest and slowest creature of the game
But he can’t pierce through armor and shield because its a TANK and they shouldnt have this ability since they are design to fight cunning creatures.
We remove swap prevention because if we bleed it,its to make it stay.

2 choice:

-resilient strike -> normal strike
-Hp stay the same
-dmg stay the same
-Remove immunity to distraction and immunity to swap prevention
-speed from 108->100/101

-In this version,he can’t pierce through cloak and leave the dodgers alone
-aswell distractions can beat him by divided his damage by 2
-we remove swap prevention for the same reason as before
-hi IndoGen2 :slight_smile:

In both case,i would keep his best Hp of the game,he is design to be a tank and not to be as offensive as he is now.

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I wish players would try to find new ways to deal with these reworked dinos before asking for any kind of nerfs. We got boost reset, this is your chance to make changes and get new counters for dinos that are causing you problems.

So maxima is a tank and for that reason shouldn’t break shields or hit through armor? Yet tryko is also a tank and you have no problem with tryko breaking shields and hitting through armor?

Both choice for maxima nerf are awful.

Exactly,it shouldnt ,it have OP stats ,as mammolania,either you remove his DSR,either you make him bad against distraction and dodgers
You know,my choice are THE best way they can be nerf…
When ludia will do it,i bet he will be worst than procera ,just by looking the number of topic talking about ardentis.
Its a “waiting” thoradolosaure/Indoraptor.and guess what,everyone start to get it to lvl 30,it don’t remind you someone? cough indogen2 cough

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So tryko should also then be nerfed and lose DSR and FS?

Just leave them both be, let people find their ways to beat them…