How to balance rexy

Attack: from 1850 to 1750
Hp: from 4950 to 4600
Speed: stays at 106
Crit: from 45% to 35%
Armor: stays at 0%

Keeps alert fierce strike
Keeps defense shattering revenge
Dominant roar no longer increases speed
Devouring rampage only has .4 on devour
slowing swap in only slows 1 turn
Loses strike on escape

I like how rex can destroy flocks, but she is way worse than flocks at the moment. Ludia needs to start testing dinos with boosts.

what is this monster not even fully boosted

Another example is how giganyx could go down to 1 hp and if fully boosted regenerate about 8000 hp if opponent swaps out to avoid dying


IMO rexy problems are only the speed and buff (before doing the damage) on Roar, swap in, and hp. The damage, on escape and Rampage are fine, especially the on escape its so good that it prevents low health tank to run away. She is hard to lvl after all harder than 2 event exclusive Legendary like bear deer (before Lydia Made the bear become a local spawn), so i think she deserve to be strong, but not broken.


The biggest problem with Rexy as a whole is Dominant Roar. 2775 priority damage with no delay and free setup on a pure fierce is beyond broken, I’d argue that this move is about as good, if not better than Instant Ferocious Revenge. To nerf Rexy, just swap Dominant Roar for regular Roar and remove the swap in. That way it still has group damage without obliterating flocks.

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The speed up is the only problem with Rexy.

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Just don’t make the mistake of boosting it…… it will get nerfed and we’ll have another angry topic on this forum. I really don’t like how every big update a ridiculously OP creature gets introduced that dominates everything only to get balanced (read: replaced) by the next update. Just introduce them better fitting the meta and have people make it as strong as they wish with boosts without having it nerfed after a few months.