How to beat Hadros Lux in 2.2 without anything crazy (TIKA strategy)

It’s a bit late, but there’s been some weirdness with Resilient Rampage and Ardentismaxima’s Taunt that’s being looked into, and while there’s been no confirmation that it’s fixed (it rarely happened anyway), here’s the strategy:

(credit to @Marlous for the graphic, note that Keratoporcus works with 3357 HP)

Using the requirements I’m going by, you’re going to need Maxima to land a crit (that’s a 60% chance) on the first turn of round 1. No crits are needed anywhere else. If you want to have it work the remaining 40% of the time, you’ll need some serious levels and boosts (way more than most people would be willing to put into this).



You’ll need at least 4178 HP, and at least 1175 attack damage. It needs to have less HP after taking 3342 damage than Irritator after taking 1670 damage.


You’ll need at least 2506 HP.


You’ll need at least 2339 HP (slightly risky), 2673 is safe, and at least 895 attack damage (if Maxima’s attack is higher than recommended, you can go lower).


You’ll need at least 4578 HP to be safe, but lower will work if you’re lucky, and at least 1661 attack (you’ll be able to go lower if Kera’s attack is significantly higher).

Note that the creature’s speeds should be in this order (TIKA), and that the requirements don’t account for Hadros Lux critting, although in most cases you’ll be fine even if it does.


Thank you for this. I’ll give this a try if in range. Between me and my wife’s accounts we have all the right creatures at those levels minus my Ardentis is 29 and irritator 16.


Thanks for sharing

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@Qaw, thank you so much to share this one! I think we’ve a new goal in our alliance! :wink: Happy to see there’s a strategy after 2.2! Excited for my first Hadros win! :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thanks for the new strat!

Keratoporcus unlocks with 2700+ HP at level 16 with no boosts anyway.


@GPx @Marlous @AnnaMich @Oriondestiny I’ve edited the strat to reflect the latest changes


Thank you for taking the time to do this :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately the Taunt issue still hasn’t been cleared up, so it’s best to go by the stats in the video.

@Qaw, it worked! Finally my first Apex DNA. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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That’s great! :grin:

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Thanks for sharing just got my first apex DNA with my daughter ours was
Lvl 13 irritator No boosts :slight_smile:
Lvl 18 Keratoporcus No boost :slight_smile:
Lvl 23 tuora 7-5-0
Lvl 29 Maxima 5-10-0
I’m not sure since my maxima had more Heath than needed and it messed up the Rd 3 emergency heal. it would go to irritator and my maxima would not make it so after a few tries I improvised and switched the Rd 3 heals ,I would group heal then emergency and it worked like a champ. Thanks again for sharing your low lvl strategy’s … oh we got 20,20,19 and 15 dna smh where was that 100-150 ppl were getting lol

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