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How to beat Mortem Rex?

I have been facing Mortem Rex recently in pvp battles and was wondering what dinos could be used against it? I found it difficult since its so tanky
Any suggestions?

Over-maxed BOOSTED Dinos.

Because if you think that you can beat a 27 Boosted Mortem Rex with 2976 attack and 128 spd with your 30 LVL utarinex…think better.

CLEANSING IMPACT with critical and death for your Cunning (supposed to be a counter) creature.

It’s nothing wrong- I have been encountering Mortem Rex on pvp recently. It is very strong and I have been wondering what is a good counter to take on a mortem?

I guess a thor with enough health to take first hit and high enough attack to ko mortem with instant charge?

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Smilonemys is best counter

Smilonymes?? Why not something like spyx or utarinex? Nymes is a better tanky cunning.

You could bleed it out with a Spinoconstrictor. Evasive stance first, then instant distraction, Precise Rampage, or Distracting Strike depending on how much health Mortem has.

Won’t work, Mortem has a pretty hefty DoT Resistance that’ll allow it to survive most of what Spinocon can throw at it

Erlidominus beats mortem rex 9/10 times in my experience

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Spyx & Utarinex can be one shot by cleansing strike if it crits, Smilonemys armour means this can’t happen and can take it down in 2 hits.

indo gen 2 I would think, nemys, erlidom, indom

Cunning still counters Mortem even with Cleansing Impact though. If its beating your cunnings only with cleansing impact your team is in dire need of work.

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Rinex, Spyx, Erlidom, Magna, faster Mortem, faster Thor, Dilorach, Dracocera swap, Quetzorion, faster Tenontorex, Dracocera swap, Acrocanthops, Indoraptor G2, Indominus, lots of options. Generally if its a cunning with high damage and okay health it’ll suffice.

any cunning can kill it, mortem HAS to crit on the cleansing to win so still 60 % chance to lose. A faster thor can kill it (which they tend to be). Anything with cloak/dodge has a good chance. A lot of what people do to is to just sacrifice one of your swapper (rat/rhinos/cera) to bring it in 1 shot range of your cunning/whatever is faster afterwards.

Literally everything kills it from blue to draco to grylenken to gorgosuchus to allosinosaurus a few more meta dinos that kill it tenrex utarinex nemys magnus hadros dentis gem and mrhino can take 4375 out of his 4500 dracocerataurus dilorach kills him and antarcto and metrodon and magna

I assume you are not facing level 29 max boosted ones! most of those you mention don’t beat it one on one, without using a swop in to either reduce its health before putting on something to one shot it or using the swop in to take it out after you have done some damage

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Maybe they can beat a lvl 26 unboosted mortem, which means nothing. Most of these will just get chomped down in the arena

mine is 29 max boosted and still go down to the same way. It’s only truly powerful when you can bring it late in a match when swappers are dead/been brought out.

My point was that one on one it would beat most of the creatures listed. I agree it is best used as a revenge killer and then hope they don’t have a swop in.

One on one with equal boosts n levels it mortem loses to all the creatures listed