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How to beat Mortem Rex?

With boosts, I would say thor does pretty well. Gorgotrebax when you get it will be excellent. Monolorhino boosted can really lay the hurt on it if its faster

Surely it depends on boost distribution. For example my level 28 takes down both gem and max at level 30 unless they have over 10000 health as they are always slower and they cant one shot it. So maybe on paper they can but in reality they dont

For super boosted one your best bet is dodge or have spyx with some health boosts

Indominus Rex.

Nuff said.

Oh yes, erlidom applies too, since naturally it’s faster but it’s also less bulky.

Also, there will be spyx, trebax, magna, even indo and monolodon

Yep or you could just put 6 speed boosts on ur maxima and now it kills all the mortems no matter how much they crit

More like 10 or 11 speed boosts

Spyx magna and mono will need more health than most run them at to survive a crit cleaning strike

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You fight 131 speed mortem rex? If mortem is wasting all those boosts on speed it can’t have 3600 attack a normal 3k attack mortem can’t kill a mono with 4 health boosts even on a crit

130 speed can have 3.4k damage. Which does 5105 non crit and 6381 with crit. It’s killing mono and any other speedster

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Most are 128 but the odd 130. Probably depends where u are but in shores that’s where they are at.

This is mine. In honestly I dont know if it takes down mono with a crit as mono’s are few in shores but definitely takes down most magnas with a crit

Boosted ones can’t be one shotted

i can vouch for the grylenken part. Takes out mortem all the time and I am satisfied every time

How do You use it?

Usually I go for my evasive, cunning strikes to nerf it’s damage or raking claws if I can kill them after the cunning strike