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How to beat overlevelled Einiasuchus?

Hello there, been playing about a month. Spent some good money the game before I realized how it worked. That has helped me achieve the border of arena 6 and 7.

But I need help countering the overlevelled (16-19) Einiasuchus. I’m just looking to understand how to counter them, not whining about them. I am the following highest level dinos:

Ouranousaurus 16
Trex 15
Secodontosaurus 15
Sarcosuchus 15
Velociraptor 15
Kentrosaurus 14
Stegoceratops 14

And the rest of my stuff is 13 or lower.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Stegoceratops should trade well with it. If you stunlock it you win… if he uses his cleanse properly he can win if a stun fails. Either way… your stegoceratops should be able to either win the 1v1 or knock him low enough that the next dino of a greater speed can 1 shot it.


I misspoke, mine is level 12.

I will still try this though, thank you!!

Stegoceratops needs to be even level or above to win actually, but I haven’t rerun the math since the last update.

Really you just need something that survives two hits because after that the dps is wayyy low for Einiasuchus.

Pyrritator, Stegodeus, Secodontosaurus, Dimetrodon, Postimetrodon, probably Allosaurus if your T-Rex isn’t surviving the two hit.

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Gorgosucus is good to take it down. Allosaurus and t rex

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Koolasuchus G1 or G2 both work great. Tarbo/Allo, Suchotator, gorgosuchus, Spinotahraptor
Kentro should work fairly well. I’d go superiority strike, instant cripple, thagomizer. That should put a serious dent in them. It’s mostly just about surviving the 1 2 punch they have. After that it’s easy

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Use nullify creature anything with mono in title or koolasuchus ein rellies on its self buff to do decent damage. Mono steg my fave eats him good


The third hit for the Einiasuchus is actually still quite strong because the damage buff is still there on the 3rd hit, after that pretty low damage but the 3rd hit from it does roughly as much damage as the damage buff attack. That said it does usually die if it manages to beat their first dino.

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He only gets 1 buffed attack if you nullify it just sayin

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I agree, nullify is the strongest counter

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True. Nullifying is also a good strategy. Really Einia only beats about 50% of possible dinosaurs at same level. It is really relying on being overleveled and it’s relying on that buff or that stun landing to win.

Considering lots of Einia users end up cleansing away slowing moves, they may not even get the buff on the Minimal Stunning Strike (if you assume they cleanse away the slow). So even a Nodopato would be a good counter with the armor piercing and the slowing/shielding moves.


I have won almost every match with a lower lvl stegocera.

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I’ve decided that I like the Nodo for this. Easily counters it. Thank you all!

Grind a tany, it should be very well at handling einiasuchus’s second round hammer-attack. If you go head to head against it then a stego can most likely despatch it.

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-Reduce her damage. She can cleanse herself but lose a turn or she will deal reduced damage. For example, Monolophosaurus.

-Tank her. Shield is a great counter for Einiasuchus, even a short one. Nodopatosaurus seems to hold great against her after the update. If you use Nodopatosaurus, the best combination seems to be Slow - Shield - Slow - Armor piercing impact - Slow if she cleansed herself or Shield if she didn’t

-Stun her. As mentioned above, Stegoceratops can deal with her unless all stuns fail.

-Remove positive effects. If you have a fast dinosaur with nullifying attacks, they can reduce her damage a great deal. Again, a good example is monolophosaurus, but Tanycolagreus can work too.

-Gorgosuchus and Postimetrodon are also good ideas. Both work in similar ways as Einiasuchus but are faster and can pierce through armor, should make fast work of her.

Einiasuchus is a great dinosaur because she can deal great damage, survive good hits and be very versatile so she can be annoying but as you can see, there are many techniques that work against her. Lastly, someone above recommended Allosaurus and T-Rex. I do not recommend this. Unless you get a great crit, Einiasuchus can take them down easily. You need to either be faster than her or be able to stun/shield against her to survive.

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Very good against Einiasuchus is Dilophosaurus, don’t always get it down, but first Decreasing Impact and then Nullifying Impact!

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Lol, simpler times.


My first post. Cant believe it’s been a year.

Thanks to all the awesome members of the community that remain the reason I still visit :blue_heart: