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How to beat stygimoloch escape achievment

I have been stuck on this achievment for a while and was wondering if anyone knew how to beat the stygimoloch escape achievment.

Use Rampage and Run against Stygi.

To be exact, kill Stygi with R&R


Thx. I needed help with that to

thanks for the help.

What are the most convenient places to find a Stygimoloch to use R&R on? I imagine most of you don’t see it in the arena…

maybe a stygimoloc in the champain.

Ok so use utarinex. Got it. I think there’s only like 2 other options. Ornithomimus and rare big bird. (Not quetzal)

link={{{title1}}}\ 60x72 Grylenken
link={{{title1}}}\ 60x73 Ornithomimus
link={{{title1}}}\ 60x73 Pachycephalosaurus
link={{{title1}}}\ 60x72 Rinchenia
link={{{title1}}}\ 60x73 Smilocephalosaurus
link={{{title1}}}\ 60x72 Smilonemys
link={{{title1}}}\ 60x73 Utarinex

Oh ok I’m just dumb lol

Thats what I was thinking but I couldn’t find one

I know you can complete it in a friendly battle. But other then that it’s going to be a hard find. Tournaments are your best bet

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Yeah I don’t think there is a Stygi in the campaign.

Easiest option is a friendly battle with someone.


Being achievable in a friendly battle helps a lot, thanks!

No problem :grin:

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No, ur not, I struggled finding them as well.

Searched the entire thing. Yea no Stigy

No stygi in Campaign. Friendly battle, and communicate using emotes. It’s what I have done with @koffibun. So thumbs down when no R&R creature, or when he gives it, he has no stygi

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ok so i will try to get a friendly battle with my brother or somethng.

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Very smart

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