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How to beat them?

I think you might be out of luck if you’re highest level creature is 16.

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Maybe I am wrong but as they all 3 use ferocious strike as first move , I don’t see you can with the level of your dinos .

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Sadly best strategy is to have draco gen 2, dracocerstops and erlidominus or lots of Dodgers…

This was harder than I thought it would be. Beat it but barely. Posto 1 hit my level 28 Erli.

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Personally i use indo2, utasino and erlidom with the 1st two be at lvl20 and the other at 22 and slightly boosted. So with your dinos i don’t see a viable away to beat them… Sorry

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At what level for the erlidom. I’m trying to come up with a narrow victory with lv 20-22s. (No boosts) So far, smiloceph into DC can kill postimetrodon provided it doesnt crit its ferocious strike and dosent regen. Or if my math is right can kill postosuchus and bring in a fresh dino.

22 should be enough to one shot either dime or posti with cloak rampage.

23 is better if you want to DC posto then finish him with erli

That may work. It’s really difficult with the immunity and regen.

This is what I got to work with.

I don’t think you will have a problem. I used Christmas Chicken (level 23, Indo G2 (level 22) Utasino (level 21) and I was able to beat the it. My Erli is only level 21. I would have used Erli if it is level 22.

I was able to do it with Qwa’s plan. But it was so close.
20 smiloveph, 20 DC, 18 alloraptor (16 for theirs), and phorusaura as back up.

Level 25 Thor, level 22 Erlidom, level 22 Indom is what I used for it.

I beat it with lvl 28 Tany, Lvl 24 Magna, and lvl 27 (unboosted) Indo.

It was a close one. Posto HURTS.

My L30 Tryo solo’d the tower…:blush: