How to beat this brachi? 7k hp and 12++ damage


How to beat this brachi lvl 30?


I lost tooo thattttttt it was so hard I tried the team is suggested and well you saw how that went :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1: :-1:


i beat it with indominus and stegoceratops. it was pretty easy.


I too was kinda suprised by this. I never really had problems until now, but here i only won with luck after i lost my I-rex and t-rex, with my Gorgo just one hit away from dying.


I used L24 Stegodeus followed by L19 Diloranosaurus
Did not expect Deus to die.


L16 Diloranosaurus nearly did the trick but had to rely on L22 Stegodeus to take him down with its first shot. So-so DNA but with 2000+ of Dimetrodon Gen 2 (timely! And allows me to level up to L14).


I got it done with my level 23 Einiasuchus and 19 Gorgosuchus.


I only used my lvl 19 Stegoceratops, which killed him. Had some luck with the 33% stun and Brachi using bellow twice.


Wow, lvl high dino. I m play this game a couple weeks ago. I will try my best. I will try with 12 monolhopo, follow up with 13 rex, and last 13 gorgo. Hope it work


I don’t have a legendary dino :weary::weary:


Ready to Crush>
Ferocious Strike> 1402 dmg
Superiority Strike> 1277 dmg
Defense Shattering Rampage> 4674 Crit dmg
Rampage> 2554 dmg

Tryostronix dies and out comes Indominus Rex, it makes short work of the remaining 1217 hp without losing a drop of blood (Cloak worked!) :wink:

Pretty pleased with the rewards, especially 13 DNA for Utasinoraptor!

Good luck to all!


My team that Imma try is;

Level 15 Allosaurus
Level 15 Tyrannosaurus Rex
Level 13 Gorgosaurus
Level 15 Stegoceratops

My Allo would lead followed by Gorgo then either Trex or Stegocera…


Hope i can make it 7k damage. Previous rex strike i can manage, with 10 utah, 12, velo and 11 stegoceratop, with stun lock for 3 turn, and survive with 300 remaining hp.


lvl18 Monostego and lvl 17 Tryostronix did just fine. Only good thing I got out of it was the 180 Rex dna, rest was mediocre stuff.


How come ppl keep getting legendary DNA, I got 300 concavenator which to be honest is next to useless :cry:


Managed it with a trago and rajaklyo.
2 trex dna and the rest secodontosaurus😔


I feel so sad for you :disappointed::joy:


It helps get it to 15 incase of a future hybrid i guess and it is free,but that is 2 epic incubators with rubbish dna grypo and now secodont😂
Edit: 3 incubators, one from pvp with half the epic dna being secodont too


Well not to rub it in or anything but I got t-rex and erliko :tipping_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️:slight_smile:️


Well i found 3 elrikosaurs at the weekend and got distracted chasing after them, ended up half way home when i realised i hadnt hadn’t done the strike event which is why i went out in the first place,so had to walk all the way back😝